Wùlu by Daouda Coulibaly (95′) The quiet and unassuming Ladji lives an impoverished life on the streets of Bamako, Mali’s bustling capital. When nepotism bars him from yet another promotion, he decides to apply his knowledge of the transportation industry to a new career as a drug trafficker. Ladji’s rapid ascent in the criminal underworld entangles him with the military, the government, and eventually al-Qaeda. For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer in French ♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »


Philosophy is coming back to the Alliance Française Auditorium! Come and share your views on some philosophical topics. No need to be an expert in Philosophy, everyone is welcome to discuss and exchange their thoughts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. A brain massage like no other! Free entry – No registration necessary | Event in French & English Read More »


Phantom Boy by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagno (84′) In New York, a courageous detective named Alex is injured by a gangster who calls himself the Man with the Broken Face. Stuck in a hospital, Alex meets Leo, a bedridden 11-year-old who has the ability to leave his body and float around as an apparition. Like a ghost, invisible to all, he flies away and passes through walls. When the disfigured criminal threatens to attack the city’s infrastructure, Leo springs into action to help ... Read More »


Parc by Arnaud Des Pallières (110′) Georges Clou is a successful salesman – enjoying the fruits of his labour as a resident of an exclusive gated community in the French Riviera. His life is seemingly idyllic with a beautiful home, a loving wife and a doting son. This idyllic vision is spoiled by the traumas that his teenage son endures. Elsewhere in the community, Paul Marteau arrives with a troubled past and an uncertain future! For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer ♦ In partnership with ... Read More »

MY FRANCOPHONIE – Les frères Lumière

MY FRANCOPHONIE Les frères Lumière Join us for our first ever session of My francophonie – a series of workshops that will give you a taste of different aspects of francophone cultures! For the first session, we will focus on the Lumière brothers – Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean – who were among the first filmmakers in history. They patented an improved cinematograph which, in contrast to Thomas Edison’s “peepshow” kinetoscope, allowed simultaneous viewing by multiple parties. Free and open to everyone | ... Read More »


FRENCH GAMES EVENING Join us for our second French games evening: discover French card games, board games and video games suitable for all levels and have fun with your friends. Let the games begin! Free event | No registration required | Click here for the Facebook Event Read More »


Barbara by Mathieu Amalric (97′) Brigitte is preparing to portray the role of the famous French singer Barbara in an upcoming film. The actress carefully studies the gestures, mannerisms and even the facial expressions of the singer. However, the line between the real and the reel world soon starts blurring as she gets more and more into character. The Director of the film is equally inspired and possessed — but is it with Barbara or with her new incarnation? For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer ♦ ... Read More »


Oxyd OXYD is a five-member based in Paris. They are influenced by modern jazz musicians and bands like Kneebody, Radiohead, and Sonic Youth. OXYD play their own compositions inspired by European and American jazz music but with influences of rock, pop, free jazz and contemporary music. Created by Gatecrash in partnership with The Quarter and Institut Français | For more information, please refer to the Facebook event created by The Quarter. Read More »


Orpheline by Arnaud Des Pallières (116′) Four moments from the life of four female characters – a little girl from the countryside caught in a tragic game of hide-and-seek, a teenager passing from one man to the next, a girl who moves to Paris to escape her troubled past and a wife who thought that she had escaped the clutches of her former life. Disaster looms on the horizon as the four stories converge – not all is at it seems! For members of ... Read More »

AF @ DR. BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM – Ingres, Manet & Renoir

  Le bain turc by Ingres (1859-63) Olympia by Manet (1865) Le bal du moulin de la Galette by Renoir (1876) Le Bain Turc is an oil painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres painted in a highly erotic style that evokes both the Near East and earlier western styles associated with mythological subject matter. Olympia is a painting by Édouard Manet which caused shock and astonishment when the painting was first exhibited because a number of details in the picture identified her as a prostitute. Bal ... Read More »