WEBINAR | LGBTQIA: Social Responsibility & Inclusivity at the Workspace

5:30 pm on Feb 5, 2021 (Fri) | Online In partnership with the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry, we present the webinar LGBTQIA: Social Responsibility & Inclusivity at the Workspace at 5:30 pm on Feb 5 (Fri). The goal of the event is to understand what organisations are doing to foster welcoming, safe, and supportive ecosystems wherein individuals can be themselves. Some of the speakers include: Parmesh Shahani [ Vice President, Godrej Industries Ltd & Head of Godrej India Culture ... Read More »

DIGITAL TALK | Urban Disasters and New Utopias (Jan 29)

6 pm on Jan 29, 2021 (Fri) | Online In partnership with the Academy of Architecture, we present the Homo Urbanus lecture series which will focus on the relationship between humans and urban spaces. The first lecture in the series will be on the subject of Urban Disasters and New Utopias and will be conducted by Thierry Paquot at 6 pm on Jan 29 (Fri). Paquot analyses the urban situation on a planetary scale and the effect that it has ... Read More »

DIGITAL EVENT | Nuit des idées (Jan 28)

Online | Jan 28, 2021 Nuit des idées or Night of Ideas is an annual event dedicated to the free circulation of ideas and knowledge which is coordinated by Institut Français. The 6th edition of the event will be held on January 28, 2021 (Thursday) on the theme Proches i.e. Close(r). In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuit des idées 2021 will question the renewal of our individual and collective relationship to space and time along with the evolution of our ... Read More »

FILMS | My French Film Festival (Jan 15 to Feb 15)

Online from Jan 15 (Fri) to Feb 15 (Mon) The goal of My French Film Festival is to shine a spotlight on the new generation of French-language filmmakers. Currently in its 11th year, the event gives film enthusiasts the chance to enjoy the latest Francophone cinema online. The 2021 Edition consists of a total of 33 films (20 short films + 13 Features films) which can be enjoyed on the festival website from Jan 15 to Feb 15. Subtitled in ... Read More »

COMPETITION | Chansons sans Frontières

Chansons Sans Frontières International Song-Writing Competition Here’s your chance to participate in the 15th Edition of the International Song Writing Competition Chansons sans frontières and win exciting prizes! Please read ALL the rules given below BEFORE working on your submission FINAL VERSION of submission to be sent BEFORE Jan 24 (Sun) The competition is NOT open to people who stay in France. The competition is ONLY open to amateurs (people who are in any way connected to any record label and ... Read More »


Online at 7 pm on Dec 23 (Wed) Second Brain ‘s soundscape is an amalgamation of Modern Music from the Early 20th Century and Progressive Rock from the 70s with strong Jazz and Funk influences. The group is the brainchild of the 26 year old French Composer and Guitarist Adrien Pigeat and was recently part of the lineup of the Kolkata Jazz Festival. Second Brain has been based in Reunion Island since 2017.  Join us for a special concert with ... Read More »


Online at 7 pm on Dec 17 (Thu) Jahneration is a French Reggae and Hip-Hop band which previously toured in India in 2016. Between new roots and Californian sounds, Jahneration‘s brand of reggae is connected to their rock and hip hop origins. A generous and festive soundscape that the group has perfected over more than 250 concerts from small venues to large festivals and which has already garnered 33 million views on YouTube. Join us for a special replay of ... Read More »

DIGITAL CONCERT | Rémi Panossian Trio

Online at 7 pm on Dec 10 (Thu) The Rémi Panossian Trio are known for their passionate and lyrical take on jazz – a soundscape which incorporates the energy of rock with a cheerful groove! After a vibrant career spanning over 10 years and 5 albums, the trio is back in the studio to record their 6th album which will be released in 2021. Join us for a special digital concert, filmed in November 2020, which offers a preview of this ... Read More »

FILMS | European Union Film Festival (Nov 5 to 30)

Online from Nov 5 (Thu) to Nov 30 (Mon) The European Union Film Festival is an annual event celebrating the depth and diversity of European cinema and culture. 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Festival in India and the 1st time that the event is going digital. The current edition of the Festival features award-winning films from across Europe including the most recent cinematic triumphs at Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Berlin, and San Sebastian amongst others. Highlighting individual stories yet ... Read More »

DOCUMENTARIES | Mois du film documentaire 2020 (Nov 1 to 30)

Online from Nov 1 (Sun) to Nov 30 (Mon) November is Mois du film documentaire (Documentary Month). For the 2020 Edition of the same, four documentaries will be available for online viewing till Nov 30! Free and Open to Everyone in India | Subtitled in English | No Registration Needed Films Accessible via this link  List of Documentaries Delphine and Carole by Callisto McNulty (70 minutes long) The portrait of 1970s enchanted feminism, the film retraces the encounter of actress Delphine ... Read More »