FRENCH CINEMA | La Dernière vie de Simon

La Dernière vie de Simon by Léo Karmann (103′) Simon, a young orphan, has an extraordinary power: he can take the appearance of people he has already touched. One day, his best friend dies in an accident, there are no witnesses… Simon decides to take his appearance and realize his dream: to have a family. But how long can the charade last? Free Event | Limited Seats | Screening Exclusively for Members & Current Students of AF Bombay only | ... Read More »


As part of Bonjour India 2022, join us for the dance performance ELEKTRIK by Blanca Li – a unique choreographed piece coupled with electro music infused with baroque influences which rewrites what electro dance means itself! Electro as a dance style was invented in the suburbs of Paris in the 2000s. The unique dance style has continuously evolved since then to become synonymous with explosive but precise movements. ELEKTRIK is the brainchild of Blanca Li who is credited as being one of the ... Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA | Les Choses qu’on dit, les choses qu’on fait

Les Choses qu’on dit, les choses qu’on fait by Emmanuel Mouret (122′) Daphne, three months pregnant, finds herself alone in welcoming Maxime – her boyfriend François’ cousin. François had to leave in a hurry for Paris to cover for a sick colleague. For four days, while waiting for his return, Daphne and Maxime get to know each other and share very intimate stories that bring them closer. What lies ahead in their future? Free Event | Limited Seats | Screening ... Read More »

BONJOUR INDIA 2022 | CONCERT – [In]Chorus: Strings Together

  As part of Bonjour India 2022, join us for the concert [In]Chorus: Strings Together which features the renowned Kora player Chérif Soumano from Mali in a jugalbandi with the Indian musicians Shahnawaz Ahmed on the guitar and Shahbaaz Khan on the tabla! Chérif Soumano is a rising star who mixes the music of his time with the traditional repertoire that his father transmitted to him in Mali. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented and promising Kora players of ... Read More »


Poly by Nicolas Vanier (100′) The 10-year old Cécile moves to the south of France with her mother. Integrating with the other children in the village is not easy. When a circus moves in next door, Cécile discovers that the star pony Poly is being mistreated. She decides to protect him and to organize his escape! Pursued by Brancalou, the worrying Director of the circus, and the mysterious Victor, Cecile and Poly embark on a journey full of twists and ... Read More »

BONJOUR INDIA 2022 | CONCERT – Nunataq by Alexandre Herer Trio

As part of Bonjour India 2022, join us for Nunataq – a musical project nourished by the innumerable experiences and collaborations of the progressive jazz pianist Alexandre Herer! Brought together by Onze Heures Onze, a collective of French musicians, the jazz trio Nunataq offers a soundscape that is deliberately open, airy, and cold. Nunataq works on improvised Groove, Electro, and Experimental music with electronic instruments (synths, bass with effects, electronic drums etc.) to create festive concerts. The music is partly inspired by ... Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA | La Fine fleur

La Fine fleur by Pierre Pinaud (94′) Eve Vernet was the greatest rose designer. Today, she is on the verge of bankruptcy as a powerful competitor closes in on a deal that could destroy her business. Vera, her faithful secretary, thinks she has found a solution by hiring three employees with no horticultural skills. While almost everything separates them, they embark together on a singular adventure to save the small artisanal enterprise! Free Event | Limited Seats | Screening Exclusively ... Read More »


As part of Bonjour India 2022, join us for Analemma – a magical journey by Compagnie Distil which will make you reconnect with your inner child! Analemma was born out of Company Distil‘s desire to develop contemporary circus in India. Distil is a company based out of Pondicherry founded by the French artist Romain Timmers along with Indian movement artist Sharanya Rao. In their latest creation Analemma, the artists observe the path of the sun throughout the piece to rediscover and connect with one of the ... Read More »


As part of Bonjour India 2022, join us for the Wall Art Festival – a colorful journey featuring the artist Skio that intends to bring a passion for wall paintings, new colours, and shapes to Mumbai! Skio​’s first murals appeared in 1993 in the Nice region, initially as letterings, before he moved on to figurative romantic topics fed by Pop Culture and TV references. Today, his works mix geometrical shapes and realistic portraits. The obfuscated eyes in the artwork question our presence in ... Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA | Théo et les métamorphoses

Théo et les métamorphoses by Damien Odoul (96′) Theo, a 27 year old man with Down’s syndrome, lives with his father in an isolated house in the heart of a forest. They live in harmony with nature and animals but one day the father goes away – leaving his son alone with his visions. Theo then embarks on a personal odyssey in order to reinvent himself, open himself up to the world, and experience freedom! Free Event | Limited Seats ... Read More »