January 27, 2020

FRENCH CINEMA | Marche ou crève

Marche ou crève by Tatiana-Margaux Bonhomme and Margaux Bonhomme (85') Elisa is an enthusiastic and hotheaded teenager who’s hoping to enjoy her last summer at home in Vercors before moving away and striking out on her own. But the one to move out ends up being her mother, leaving Elisa and her father to take care of Elisa’s older sister, Manon, who has mental and physical disabilities. The ever-increasing weight of this burden pushes Elisa from love to hate  and to the verge of losing herself. For members of AF Read More...FRENCH CINEMA | Marche ou crève

January 28, 2020

CONCERT | FKBass Holograms

We bring you the unique concert FKBass Holograms featuring the FKBass - an augmented bass developed by Floy Krouchi and inspired by Indian music and its most ancient instrument i.e. the Rudra Veena! Using electronics and real-time transformation, Krouchi plays with a curious soundscape shifting between noise-based pulsations and amplified silences to create what she calls electronic ragas. Each solo is a unique piece - recorded at a precise moment in time and catalogued like an artefact. Bass Holograms and its electronic ragas are the fruit of research carried out Read More...CONCERT | FKBass Holograms

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