Alliance Française de Bombay provides certified English-to-French & French-to-English translations of Civil Registry Documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Driving Licences etc. Our certified translations are recognized by the Consulate General of France in Mumbai & the Embassy of France in India (Delhi) for official purposes (CAF, visas etc.).

Please find below the rates for regular and express translation services. Read the FAQs carefully to understand the process:

1st 100 words Additional word count
Normal Rs. 1000 + 18% GST Rs. 10/ word + 18% GST
Express Rs.2000 + 18% GST Rs. 20/ word + 18% GST

*Additional copy per document- Rs. 1200 + 18% GST

Translation FAQs [ Rates, Duration, Payment Procedure etc. ]

1) Please send us the FULL SCAN (both sides of all pages) of the FINAL version of the document. The document has to be original (photocopies of documents are NOT accepted for translations even if they are colour photocopies). Do ensure that no part has been cut or is illegible (including stamps, corners of the document etc.). The email address on which the document has to be sent is mentioned at the end of this page. Please note that no walk-ins are allowed at our offices for the time being – kindly contact us via email only for translations.

2) It is imperative that you read the document carefully BEFORE sending it to us for translation:

a) Kindy ensure that there are no errors (spellings etc.) in the information mentioned on the document. Alliance Française de Bombay does NOT modify any items – the details are reproduced as they are in the original document. In case there are any mistakes in the original (for eg: the spelling of your name OR the spelling of either parent’s names OR your birthdate etc.), they will reflect in the translation as well. This will invariably result in the document being rejected for visa checks, CAF applications etc. No negotiations to modify any information in the translation will be entertained under any circumstances.

b) Similarly, Alliance Française de Bombay does NOT merge information from different documents for the translation [ eg: if you have 2 versions of your birth certificate, one in which your name has been misspelled & another in which your parent’s name has been misspelled, we CANNOT pick & choose the correct information from the different versions for the translation. You will need to submit a final document which carries all the correct data, stamps etc. It is only this final version which will be translated ]

c) In case there are any errors in your document, please get a fresh document made from the relevant authorities BEFORE sending it to us [ eg: In case there are errors in your birth certificate, please get an updated version from the Municipality which issued it. This new version has to carry all the relevant stamps (apostille etc.) BEFORE it is sent for translation ]. Kindly do not attempt to make these changes by hand – details which have been striked out & overwritten/rewritten can get your document rejected even though they may carry the signature & stamp of the relevant authority.

d) If you have been asked to apostille any document, please note that this procedure is done on the actual document (& not its photocopy). Alliance Française de Bombay is only responsible for translating the document – we do NOT handle the apostille procedure. It is the client’s responsibility to get the same done properly BEFORE submitting their document for translation.

e) Alliance Française de Bombay only translates full documents (full front & back side of birth certificates, marksheets, driving licenses etc.). No negotiations to translate only a part of the document or to leave out any information from the original will be entertained. It is important to note that ALL items (including any stamps in the original) will be translated.

f) Alliance Française de Bombay only translates documents from English-to-French & from French-to-English. In case your document is in any other language, please get an English/French version from the issuing authority. Kindly do NOT personally translate your document or give it to private entities for translation as these are not considered official translations & are invariably rejected. [eg: if your birth certificate is in a regional Indian language, you will have to get an English version issued from the Municipality. Please do not translate the document to English yourself / submit it to a private translator for converting it into English irrespective of how confident they appear about the validity of their translations. Such translations are NOT officially recognised and will invariably be rejected by any official authority ]

g) Alliance Française de Bombay reserves the right to reject any document received for translation.

Translation Rates:

The translation rates for each individual document are Rs. 10/- per word + 18% GST for regular translations (document translated in at least 7 TO 10 WORKING DAYS from the date of 1st payment + ONE copy of the translated document issued). In case you want us to include your / your organisation’s GST number on the receipt, please let us know the Name (if needed) + Organisation Name + Address + Contact Number + Email Address + GST number to be added on the receipt at the time of submitting the document. Once a receipt has been issued, it CANNOT be modified or re-issued to reflect these details.

a) The word count of the translated document is taken into account while calculating the payment.

b) The minimum payment is Rs. 1180/- (i.e. Rs. 1000/- for 100 words + 18% GST) per document irrespective of the word count of the document. This payment has to be made at the time of submitting the document. We will coordinate with you regarding how this payment can be made via our online kiosk which accepts NEFT & Credit/Debit Card Payments. The translation procedure only starts AFTER proof of this payment has been received.

c) In case you are submitting more than one document (eg: Birth Certificate + Convocation Certificate + Marriage Certificate), you would have to make 3 separate “Initial Payments” of Rs. 1180/- each (one for each document). The Apostille is considered as part of the document & is not counted as a separate document.

d) In case the translated document exceeds 100 words, a 2nd payment has to be made by the client physically in our Theosophy Hall Head Office. We will coordinate with you for booking an appointment for making this payment. The document is only available for collection AFTER proof of this payment has been received. For in-person payments, we accept:

– Cash (kindly carry exact change)

– Cheques in favour of Alliance Française de Bombay 

– Credit Cards/Debit Cards

e) The translated document carries the date of the 2nd Payment. Like all official translations, the translated document is only considered valid for 3 months from this date.

f) Translated documents cannot be photocopied etc. as they have to bear original stamps. Any additional copy of the translated document can be purchased at Rs. 1,200/- + 18% GST per copy. Do inform us at least a few days in advance in case you wish to purchase additional copies of your translated documents.

g) We do not offer couriering services for translated documents. The client has to come in person to our Theosophy Hall Head Office on the designated date & time to collect the document. Do go through the translated document carefully at the time of collection & cross-check all the information (spellings etc.) against the original. In case the client cannot come in-person, we request that you send someone who is familiar with the original document so that they can do a quick check of all the details (spellings of the names etc.) at the time of collection.

h) Under exceptional circumstances, we offer Express Translation Services. The minimum payment is Rs. 2360/- (i.e. Rs. 2000/- for 100 words + 18% GST) per document irrespective of the word count of the document.The translation rates for each individual document are Rs. 20/- per word + 18% GST for express translations (document translated in LESS THAN 7 WORKING DAYS from the date of 1st payment + ONE copy of the translated document issued). Any additional copy of the translated document can be purchased at Rs. 1,200/- + 18% GST per copy.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS of the translation fees (irrespective of the circumstances – document getting rejected, client not coming to collect the translated document etc.). No negotiation on this front will be entertained. 

For any queries & for sending your documents for translation, please contact us via email on [email protected] ( cc to [email protected] ). Do note that we respond to queries in the order that we receive them DURING working hours. Please allow us at least ONE working day to revert to your query.

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