Interpretation Rates

All rates are subject to change without prior notice

  • In both Mumbai/ outstation assignments, if the interpretation lasts for the full day, the client will take care of the lunch.
  • 50% of estimated cost to be paid in advance, transport and overtime charges are paid to AFB once the assignment is over. The total number of hours worked shall be calculated from reporting to the time of relieving, including lunch and tea breaks.
  • In case of outstation assignment, the client will take care of the following:
    1. Taxi fare to the airport or Railway station (as the case may be) and back.
    2. Taxi fare from destination to venue and back.
    3. Airfare/ train fare (as the case may be) on the production of the ticket
    4. Accommodation at a hotel of a reasonable standard.
  • An estimate will be communicated after the following details regarding the Assignment are provided:
    1. Name of Organisation, Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail and name of contact person;
    2. Type of assignment;
    3. Dates, reporting place and timings
    4. Background documents, leaflets, brochures, etc. on the company, product, and/or subject of the meeting/discussion, agenda in advance to study the specific terminology required.

Please contact our intepretation service at the following address: [email protected]