FAQs – Online Classes

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Classes

Keeping in mind the current lack of mobility and to facilitate social distancing, Alliance Française de Bombay is conducting Online Classes for its French Courses. These will transition back to Classroom Teaching in our Learning Centres once we get official directives regarding the reopening of educational institutions.

Our Online French Classes are conducted using the following tools :

Do read ALL of the guidelines given below carefully. In case you still have any queries, our contact details are mentioned at the end of this page. On this front, please note that we respond to your emails in the order we receive them DURING working hours ( Mon to Fri – 9:30 am to 6 pm | Sat – 10 am to 5 pm | Lunch Break – 1 pm to 2 pm on all 6 days )


Zoom is a video-conferencing website with multiple functionalities which allows you to create a virtual classroom. Please follow the following steps for accessing the same :

  • Visit zoom.us
  • In case you do not have a Zoom Account, you can create one by clicking on Sign Up, It’s Free (top right corner). Please use the same email address which you used to register for the demo class / course.
  • Check your Inbox / Spam Folder for an email with the Subject Please activate your Zoom account
  • Click on this email and then on Activate Account
  • You can now Sign In and use your Zoom Account
  • Each Virtual Class / Demo Class is conducted as a Zoom Meeting – the link to these Zoom Meetings are updated on the website My Alliance (please refer to the My Alliance section below) – the website automatically sends a copy of these to the Inbox / Spam Folder of the email address submitted by you at the time of registration. When you click on this link (OR copy and paste link on a new window in Firefox/Chrome/Safari), the website might recommend that you download certain software missing from your device (including the Zoom Software and Flash Player). Do download the same before the class starts to ensure a smooth session.

NOTE : We recommend that you use Zoom on a Laptop/Desktop Computer with a Camera, Headphones, and Reasonably Fast Internet Connection. For slower connections, you might only be able to use the Audio Facility (and not Video Calling). The website works best on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari – we recommend that you regularly clear your browsing history on these to ensure that Zoom works properly. In case you have downloaded the Zoom Software, we also recommend that you regularly delete the Temporary Files on your computer (these can be found by typing %Temp% on the Search Bar of your computer).

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My Alliance

My Alliance is an online-learning platform. First time users are sent an email containing the link to the My Alliance website, their username, and password on the FIRST DAY OF THEIR CLASS. Please check the Inbox or Spam folder of the email address submitted by you at the time of registration for the same. These details remain the same as long as the student continues to learn French at Alliance Française de Bombay.

In case you cannot find the email notification or you wish to update the email address connected to My Alliance, please send an email with your Name, Contact Number, Class Details (Level, Centre, Time Slot, Teacher Name, Type – Weekday/Weekend/Fast Track/Kids) to [email protected]

My Alliance works best on Chrome/Firefox/Safari on a Laptop/Desktop Computer. We recommend that you regularly clear your browsing history on these to ensure optimum utilization of the platform.

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User Guide ( My Alliance and Zoom )

Please watch this video AFTER you have read all the details highlighted above in the Sections on My Alliance and Zoom :

Study Material

The Course Fees does NOT include the Study Material – this has to be purchased separately. We will provide you the link wherein you can purchase hard copies of the same directly from the publisher. Kindly note that the study material is non-refundable. Hence, we request you to purchase it only AFTER you receive a notification from our end to proceed on this front.

The study material is accompanied by a CD and a DVD of the relevant Audio Files. Once you have the hard copy of the study material, you can also follow the procedure below on a laptop/desktop computer to download a soft copy of the audio files:

  • Visit http://didierfle.com/saison
  • Click on the search bar on the top right corner (the magnifying lens icon), type the keyword Saison, and click Enter.
  • You have to find the Saison book for your particular level. The books for the first four levels are called Saison niv.A1, Saison niv.A2, Saison niv.B1, and Saison niv.B2 respectively.
  • There will be multiple versions of the book. You have to select the version which says Livre + CD mp3 + DVD (Eg: the version for level 3 is called Saison 3 niv.B1 – Livre + CD mp3 + DVD).
  • The only exception is the Saison for the first level which shows up simply as Saison 1 niv.1 – Livre + DVD-rom in the search results. There are 3 pages of search results, go through all pages until you have found the correct version and click on the same.
  • When you click on the DOWNLOAD link (Accédez à Audios du Livre … + audios DELF), the website will ask you a security question (eg: what is the last word on page 95?, what is the title of Unit 5? etc.). You can find the responses in the physical copy of the book. It makes no difference whether you type the response in capital or in small letters. Similarly, you can also type the response with or without accent marks (eg: e, è, é, ê, ë can all simply be typed as e).
  • If your answer is correct, the download link will appear. Click on the same to download a zipped copy of the files.
  • Please note that zipped files cannot be used directly – you will have to unzip them before these can be played. There are several ways of doing this – the easiest is to download and install the free 30-day trial version of the software WinZip by clicking here.
  • Once you have unzipped the files using WinZip, you can Uninstall the software.
  • The unzipped audio files are compatible with several players including Windows Media PlayerVLC etc.

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For any queries about our Online French courses, please send an email to [email protected] OR [email protected] OR [email protected]

We strongly recommend that you go through the Terms and Conditions of our Online Classes via this link BEFORE registering for the same.