Presenting our movie selection for the month of February:

  • An exclusive ciné club on the first Saturday of every month at our Santacruz Centre. Screenings will be followed by short discussion with a professor in English
  • Films will be screened every Monday, 6.00 pm at our Churchgate centre (Theosophy Hall, 40 New Marine Lines)

Limited seats | Entry strictly on a first-come first-serve basis
Open to students & members of AF Bombay only


MYSTÈRE (2021)
By Denis Imbert

3 February
4.30 pm
Santacruz Centre, followed by discussion with a professor

Mystere at AF Bombay February 2024

After his wife’s death, Stéphane moves to the mountains with 8-year-old daughter Vicky, who has stopped talking. One day, while walking in the forest, Vicky discovers a puppy that she decides to keep in secret. She names him Mystery.

Cast: Karyo Tcheky, Vincent Elbaz, Shanna Keil, Marie Gillain

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Duration: 83 minutes

FIFI (2021)
Paul Saintillan and Jeanne Aslan

5 February
6.00 pm

Fifi at AF Bombay February 2024

Wanting to escape her troublesome environment, a 15-year-old girl snatches the spare key to her friend’s house, just before the family leaves for the summer.

Cast: Céleste Brunnquell, Quentin Dolmaire

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 108 minutes

Jean-Baptiste Durand

12 February
6.00 pm

Chien de la Casse at AF Bombay February 2024

Childhood pals Dog and Mirales live in a little village in the south of France and spend their days just hanging out. To kill time, Mirales has got into the habit of teasing Dog mercilessly. But this summer is different: Dog meets Elsa and romance blossoms.

Cast: Anthony Bajon, Raphaël Quenard, Galatéa Bellugi

Genre:Comedy, Drama

Duration: 93 minutes

By Costa-Gavras

19 February
6.00 pm

Compartiment Tueurs at AF Bombay February 2024

Six people travel by train overnight from Marseilles to Paris. When the train arrives at its destination, one of the passengers, a girl, is found dead in a sleeping berth. The police led by Inspector Grazzi investigate the other five passengers, suspecting that one of them was responsible. However, as the investigation is stepped up, the other passengers start turning up dead. It is then up to the last remaining two to solve the case, before they become the next victims.

Cast:Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Catherine Allegret

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Duration: 95 minutes

Marie-Castille Mention Schaar

26 February
6.00 pm

Divertimento at AF Bombay February 2024

At 17, Zahia Ziouani dreams of conducting an orchestra. Her twin sister, Fettouma, is a professional cellist. Since their childhood, they have been immersed in classical symphonic music. In turn, they now wish to make it accessible to all and in all territories.

Cast: Oulaya Amamra, Niels Arestrup, Lina El Arabi

Genre: Biopic

Duration: 110 minutes