FRENCH CINEMA | Médecin de nuit

Médecin de nuit by Elie Wajeman (82′) Mikael, an after hours doctors working in the slums of Paris, attempts to quit his life of lies, extramarital affairs and drug trafficking to take his destiny back into his own hands Free Event | Limited Seats | Screening Exclusively for Members & Current Students of AF Bombay only Covid Protocol in Place – Social Distancing + Mask fully covering Nose & Mouth + Proof of Double Vaccination Mandatory ♦ Trailer ♦ In partnership with ... Read More »

DIGITAL TALK | Infraordinary Things: Women in Writing

Online on Zoom at 4 pm IST on Jan 24 (Mon) Join us at 4 pm IST on Jan 24 (Mon) for a digital talk in French with the Writer and Filmmaker Laurence Hugues on her book Pas vu Maurice: chroniques de l’infraordinaire [ Créaphis Publications ]. The book draws from the found notebooks of the author’s aunt Marie who lived on an abandoned farm in Haut-Forez and who took prolific notes thereby documenting her everyday life in vivid detail. ... Read More »

FILMS | My French Film Festival 2022 (Jan 14 to Feb 14)

Online from Jan 14 (Fri) to Feb 14 (Mon) The goal of My French Film Festival is to shine a spotlight on the new generation of French-language filmmakers. Currently in its 12th year, the event gives film enthusiasts the chance to enjoy the latest Francophone cinema online. The 2022 Edition consists of a total of 30 films (17 short films + 13 Features films) which can be enjoyed on the festival website from Jan 14, 2022 (Fri) to Feb 14, ... Read More »

Digital Atelier for Kids | Workshop on Matisse

1 pm on Oct 31 (Sun) Under the framework of Library Fest 2021, the Alliance Française de Bombay Library will be conducting a special Online Art Appreciation Workshop on the French Artist Henri Matisse. The workshop will highlight his life & artistic style and will include a fun collage-making session. Matisse is widely acknowledged as one of the artists who revolutionised the visual arts in the beginning of the 20th Century. He was known for his intense use of colours, flattened ... Read More »

Digital Session | Storytelling – Art of the Imagination

4 pm IST on October 22, 2021 (Fri) In the framework of Library Fest 2021, join us for a digital storytelling session in French with Aliette Lauginie at 4 pm IST on October 22 (Fri) as she spellbinds you with her tales to take you on an imaginative adventure! Aliette Lauginie first encountered the art of storytelling more than 30 years ago when she was a Librarian. Lauginie is also a teacher of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and finds ... Read More »

Virtual Panel Discussion | Across Cultures: Fusing Identities Through Art

6 pm IST on October 21, 2021 (Thu) Join us at 6 pm on Oct 21 for the virtual panel discussion Across Cultures: Fusing Identities Through Art featuring Author & Director of Les deux amis and Dhrupad Exponent (Surbahar) Sylvain Watmann who will moderate the session and be in conversation with Indian Kathak Dancer and Actor Maitryee Mahatma, Lute player Jean-Luc Tamby and French Baroque Actor Manuel Weber. The speakers will delve into their work in Les deux amis (i.e. “The Two Friends”) – a French play ... Read More »

Digital Talk | Conversation with David Diop [ Winner of the International Booker Prize 2021 ]

6:30 pm IST on September 3, 2021 (Fri) Join us for a digital talk with the French author David Diop who will be in conversation with his English translator Anna Moschovakis on his book Frère d’âme [ English version – At Night All Blood Is Black ] which won the International Booker Prize 2021. The book is a historical war novel that depicts Senegalese Tirailleurs who fought during World War I. At its heart, it is the story of the friendship of ... Read More »

Digital Workshop | Translation for French Language with Tess Lewis

5 pm IST on September 2, 2021 (Thu) Join us online for an exclusive translation workshop with the renowned translator Tess Lewis. Tess will talk about the technique, approach, and process of translating literary works. She will also share some insights & experiences from her professional journey along with presenting a few interesting examples of translations. The workshop is being organised in the framework of the Swiss It campaign of the Official Swiss Diplomatic Missions in India together with Pro ... Read More »

Digital Atelier for Kids | Workshop on Monet

3:30 pm on Aug 29 (Sun) Under the framework of Dada Library Fest 2021, the Alliance Française de Bombay Library will be conducting a special Online Art Appreciation Workshop on the legendary French Painter Claude Monet. The workshop will highlight his life & painting style and will include a fun painting session. Monet was a prolific artist whose Impressionist paintings are widely regarded as precursors to Modernism. He is especially renowned for the depiction of Nature in his works. The Workshop on ... Read More »

Défi Inter-Alliances 2021

Défi Inter-Alliances is just around the corner! For the 2021 Edition, students from Alliances Françaises from over 25 countries around the world will compete in an ONLINE QUIZ IN FRENCH on different aspects of French Language & Culture. Don’t forget to go through the information below to learn how you can participate. Exciting prizes await the winners of the national & international stages of the competition! The competition is being organised courtesy of the network of Alliances Françaises in India in ... Read More »