Presenting our movie selection for the month of November:

  • Launching an exclusive ciné club, once a month at our Santacruz Centre. Screenings will be followed by short discussion with a professor.
  • Films will be screened every Monday, 6.00 pm at our Churchgate centre (Theosophy Hall, 40 New Marine Lines)

Limited seats | Entry strictly on a first-come first-serve basis
Open to students & members of AF Bombay only


By Martin Jauvat

6 November
6.00 pm

In the suburbs of Île-de-France, a disillusioned young man named Leslie entices his best friend, Renard, into a rather dubious venture. As they venture to a construction site for the future Greater Paris metro line, the two stumble upon a mysterious artefact. What initially seems like a trivial discovery takes an unexpected turn.

Martin Jauvat, Sébastien Chassagne, Mahamadou Sangaré

Genre: Comedy

80 minutes

By Didier Barcelo

20 November
6.00 pm

Seized by a panic attack one day, Louise, a 45-year-old woman, is left trapped in her car. In search of solace, she starts driving around aimlessly but panic holds her in its grip. When she stops at a service station, Paul, a 20-year-old boy determined to drive to the ocean, breaks into her car. Still trapped by her panic, Louise is unable to leave and they begin an unexpected, comical road trip across France.

Benjamin Voisin, Jean-Charles Clichet, Marina Foïs

Genre: Comedy, Drama

99 minutes

By Pierre Pinaud

25 November
4.30 pm
Santacruz Centre, followed by discussion with a professor

Eve used to be one of the most famous rose growers in the world, but now her company is almost bankrupt. Her secretary hires three outcasts, who come up with an outlandish plan to save the company.

Cast: Catherine Frot, Manel Foulgoc, Fatsah Bouyahmed

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 95 minutes

By Vincent Maël Cardona

27 November
6.00 pm

During the 1980s in Brittany, a group of friends ran a free radio station in their countryside hometown. When Philippe, overshadowed by his charismatic brother Jerome, is drafted for military service in West Berlin, he’s determined to keep the station alive. Yet, as Philippe dives into his mission, he swiftly realizes that the world they once knew is vanishing at an alarming pace.

Thimotée Robart, Marie Colomb

Genre: Comedy, Drama

98 minutes