Pixel Workshop AF Bombay

As part of its 85th year celebrations, Alliance Francaise de Bombay, in partnership with The French Institute in India, and the NCPA, is proud to bring ‘Pixel’ by Compagnie Käfig to Mumbai.

Seen now in about 30 countries around the world, Pixel is a roaring success and a mind-blowing mix of virtuoso hip-hop dance with cutting-edge digital projection. This production is a direct result of the creative dialog between choreographer Mourad Merzouki (Compagnie Käfig) and digital arts company Adrien M & Claire B. With never-before-seen stagecraft, dancers achieve aerial and acrobatic feats in a 3-D digital landscape that changes with their every movement.

Don’t miss this chance to witness the finest of French artistic expression, in the field of performing arts, in Mumbai!

Saturday, 16 December 2023
6.30 pm
National Centre for the Performing Arts


Breaking: Hip-hop workshop

Sabri Colin, Breaker-Boy and long-time dancer with the Compagnie Käfig, will conduct a workshop based on breakdance ‘figures’ known as ‘freezes’. Find new positions, work on your flexibility and imagine new forms to find original freezes to develop your breakdance or enrich your yoga sessions at Breaking.

Tuesday, 12 December
5.15 pm – 7.30 pm
Jeff Goldberg Studios

Dance as a Professional Career: Interaction, followed by Q&A

The talk is based on the careers of three of the company’s artists with different stories, to show dancers different ways of making a career and a living out of their passion for dance.

*Registration Mandatory

Tuesday, 12 December
7.30 pm -8.30 pm
ICMD, Khar (W)

Auditions for Cartes Blanches

The auditions for ‘Cartes Blanches’ will present an opportunity for hip hop/contemporary dancers to be a part of Compagnie Kafig’s next Indian production. After the Auditions, the selected dancers will be contacted with further information on the creation process.

‘Cartes Blanches’ was created for the Käfig company’s 20th anniversary, as a place for friendly reunions between several dancers who have marked the history of the Käfig company.

Wednesday, 13 December
10.00 am – 6.00 pm | Warm up: 9.00 – 10.00 am
Nirvana Studio at Mukkti Cultural Hub

Breakdance: Hip-Hop Workshop

Hip-hoppers Bboy Swing and Bboy Mucho will be meeting local hip-hop actors and dancers. This exchange will be an opportunity to learn about their experience and technique in the circle on how to improve performance in the battles.

Friday, 15 December
5.30 pm – 7.30 pm
The Danceworxs, Mumbai


“Pixel” is produced and interpreted by Compagnie Käfig, the French hip-hop dance troupe founded by Mourad Merzouki in 1996. Since its premiere in 2014, the production has travelled the world, earning rave reviews and captivating audiences with its unique fusion of hip-hop, circus, and contemporary dance:

Herald Sun says it’s, “ Pixel is as close as it gets to a duet of projected images and dance. […] Does the sweep of a long, languid arm set off the cascade of white circles or has the splaying visual pattern propelled the limb upwards? Choreographer Mourad Merzouki and collaborators/digital artists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne keep us guessing. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what moves what. The result is a playful and ever-shifting montage of three-dimensional forms – delightful, cloying, surprising all at once. ».”

Le Monde described it as, “Blissful, flabbergasted, direct pleasure and unconditional amazement. A kind of emotional kidnapping with only one possible outcome: letting go. […] Mourad Merzouki’s hip-hop is regenerated from the imaginary connection. Sophisticated, well-designed as usual, it has taken on another aspect, sometimes a velvet one, an elastic density. As if pixels had been transplanted in the very core of dancers’ muscles to transform them into gliding mutants.”