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Heritage Days : Visit of Matunga

City: Mumbai Date: Fri, 2012/09/14 – 9:30am – 12:30pm Duration: 3 hours   Visit of Matunga Did you know that the district of ‘Matunga’ has a distinctively south-Indian flavour from temples, and food stalls to ‘South Indian saris? This enchanting area is also home to ‘Madras Cafe’, ‘Chedda’ Supermarket, Ruia College and the ‘Matunga Club’. Experience the flavour of South-Indian street food and visit the temples each having a story to tell… Registration mandatory, please call us at 22035993 or mail at [email protected] For ... Read More »

Art Thursdays

City: Mumbai Location: Sakshi Gallery Tanna House Date: Thu, 2012/09/13 – 6:30pm In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and the French Embassy in India On the occasion of Art Thursdays, the Alliance Française de Bombay will present a new series of short animated films untitled “Annecy: 50 years of animation”. The Annecy International Animated Film Festival was created in 1960 and is the most famous worldwide. For the first part of the cycle, we invite you to discover a selection of ... Read More »

Cinema : La tragédie d’Hamlet

City: Mumbai Location: Prithvi House, Juhu Date: Wed, 2012/09/12 – 7:00pm In partnership with Institut Français and Prithvi Theatre La tragédie d’Hamlet, by Peter Brook (134’) One could judge this two ways: first, as an original, self-contained film by Peter Brook; or second, as a production of Shakespeare’s play.In this movie, Peter Brooks brings together his passion for Shakespeare and two fields he has been exploring for long years: theater and cinema. He shoots his direction of the play at the Bouffes du Nord theater in ... Read More »

Heritage Days : Visit of Buleshwar

City: Mumbai Date: Wed, 2012/09/12 – 2:30pm Visit of Buleshwar If you don’t know that Mumbai has a heart for the abandoned cow, then it is time you visited the Pinjra Pol or ‘Gowshala’ at Bhuleshwar. You can also feed the cows who number almost 500. Get a feel of a traditional Gujarati market with mangoes, amla and other speciality fruit sold here for the pickle-lover. Saunter through the flower market and get a view of the Mumbai-Devi temple from where this City gets its’ name. ... Read More »

Heritage Days : Visit of Lalbaug

City: Mumbai Date: Tue, 2012/09/11 – 10:00am Duration: 2.30 hours Visit of Lalbaug When the Portuguese came to India in search of ‘Black Gold’ they were not talking about ‘Petrol’, they wanted ‘Pepper’!  Let your senses be assaulted by the pungent smell of a variety of chillies and all the spices that make our Indian food so famous and unique.  An opportunity to stock on spices for the year! Also see where your favourite snack ‘chivda’ is made. Registration mandatory, please call us at 22035993 ... Read More »

Heritage Days : Screening @ Liberty

City: Mumbai Date: Tue, 2012/09/11 – 4:00pm In partnership with Liberty Cinema Screenings at the Preview of the Liberty Cinema Vertical City, by Mukul Kishore (34’) A visual essay on the architecture of a dystopia. In the far suburbs of Bombay residents from slums are given free houses in high-rise building complexes with the promise of a better life. But the project is seen as a move to free prime slum land for commercial development. The complexes soon degenerate into places worse than ... Read More »

Heritage Days : Visit of Chor and Bhendi Bazaar

City: Mumbai Date: Mon, 2012/09/10 – 10:00am Duration: 2 hours Visit of Chor Bazaar and Bhendi Bazaar If you have imagined what Ali Baba’s cave might have looked like, then Chor Bazaar is just the place to let your imagination run riot.. Browse through lamps, furniture, doors, that belong to another era.  But before we take a stroll through ‘Mutton Street” where Chor Bazaar is located,’ we start at ‘Gol Deval’ where we take in the Hindu ambience and then let the heady smell ... Read More »

Heritage Days : Visit of Grant Road’s cinemas

City: Mumbai Date: Sun, 2012/09/09 – 10:00am Duration: 3 hours For the third time this year, the Alliance Française de Bombay is pleased to celebrate Mumbai’s heritage, focusing on the “Hidden Treasures” of the city, through a whole program of visits, screenings and exhibition all over the metropolis. Visit of Grant Road with Rafique Baghdadi Everyday in Mumbai thousands of people go to the cinema, but scarcely pay attention to the buildings in which the films are shown. Once the common man’s best form of outdoor ... Read More »

Cinéma : Le salaire de la peur

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2012/09/03 – 6:30am   Le salaire de la peur, by Georges Clouzot (131’) In a decrepit South American village, men are hired to transport an urgent nitroglycerine shipment without the equipment that would make it safe: along the potholed roads, the slightest jolt can result in death. A long road, with fear as a faithful companion.   Read More »

The Monsoon Project: Gastronomy Workshop

City: Mumbai Location: Le15 Patisserie, Lower Parel Date: Wed, 2012/08/29 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm Price: Rs. 750/   In partnership with Le15 Patisserie Truffles workshop Learn how to make perfect hand rolled truffles at the Truffle Workshop at the Le15 Kitchen. The menu includes chocolate, passion fruit and white chocolate cinnamon truffles. The workshop should teach you tips, tricks and techniques to make this delicious dessert at home. It’s easy to make and will surely impress your guests!    Rs. ... Read More »