Special Event- Art Thursdays 3

City: Mumbai
Location: Sakshi gallery
Date: Thu, 2012/04/12 – 7:30pm

In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and the French Embassy in India


On the occasion of Art Night Thursdays, the Alliance Française de Bombay will screen, in partnership with Sakshi Gallery, the third part of the cycle “Résolument animés” during the exhibition Contemporary (paintings, sculptures and new media)
Résolument animés. Enfantillages (72’)

The rain dance, by Vijaya kumar Arumugam
Story of a drought village in Southern India where a family is still waiting for the rain dance.

Migration assistée, by Pauline Pinson
Finally, it’s time for Sureau to get his long awaited migration, the big trip, the love season!

Versus,  by François Caffiaux, Romain Noël and Thomas Salas
On two islands lost in the ocean, two samourai clans fight for a little island.

L’harmonie cosmique, by Jean-Marc Rohart
Obviously overcome buy the traps of language, a conference speaker revisits the history of art.

Vampz, by Adrien Barbier, Lam le Thanh and Adrien Annesiey
What’s even more dangerous than the sun for a vampire? A little sister!

Entre deux miettes, by Sylvain OIlier
Two dust mites. Tuig and Slurp, and their quest for food.