Documentaries- %22Ghetto Girls%22 and %22The Boxing Ladies%22

City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Mon, 2012/04/16 – 6:30pm


In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive


Ghetto Girls, by Ambarien Alqadar (35’)

‘The Ghetto Girl’ was a name used for me as I went to school in New Delhi, India during the 1990s. My home was in one of India’s largest Muslim ghettos. The school was in a part of the city that saw a massive post-liberalization transformation; a city of malls, apartments, blocks and buildings. But the lives of people who lived in this neighborhood saw no progress. In an armed operation in 2008, the Indian State killed three Muslim boys whom they claimed were terrorists. Following this, the neighborhood was black listed as a Production House of Terrorists. I revoke that process of naming in an autobiographical documentary that unfolds as a fictional third person narrative about a girl who walks the streets and searches for a lost home movie.


The Boxing Ladies, by Anusha Nandakumar (26’)

The Boxing Ladies is a story of three teenage muslim sisters who are national level boxers and their struggle to be a part of the society and make their mark. Zainab, the eldest of the three is like the mother hen. She cooks, takes care of the house and also contributes to the family expenditure sewing and making mobile covers every day. Bushra, the middle sister dropped out of school due to financial pressure. She works part time in an STD booth and with the money that she earns, buys sporting equipment for herself and her sisters. Sughra, the youngest and also the rebel of the family is the most determined about her boxing career. This is a story of these three incredible sisters and their determination to represent the country in the field of boxing. It is the celebration of women and the sports and their journey and their struggles.