Type: Event

Location: Blue Frog

City: Bombay

Date: Thu, 2010/07/22 – 8:30pm

Price: Free entrance for Alliance française members and students

Category: Concert

Thursday 22th of July, 2 events the same night @ Blue Frog

In partnership with Blue Frog

Screening @ 8.30pm

Une Visite à Ali Farka Toure, by Marc Huraux

Ali Farka Toure knowm as “the bluesman of the desert” is a Malian musisian who mixes authentic American Blues and soul with traditional sources. After receiving a Grammy award, recording in Los Angeles and travelling all over the world to play, Ali Farka (wich mean resistance) Toure returns to Niafunke his childhood village. There, Marc Huraux meets him to paint his portrait, the one of a fighter and a music lover. We also discover a simple man whose only dream is to insure his village has sufficient food.

Concert @ 9.30 pm

Nina Von Horn is one of the most atypical of blues singer.

Born French but mainly raised in Texas, USA, she always been in love with music. Only a very different type of music that she is now used to performing. Nina Von Horn was a classic dancer in love with classical music! After touring all araound the US with her company she decides to settle down in Texas, back to their roots, where, encounter leads her to country music, as a singer. Then to New Orleans and THE Blues. From now on , Nina Von Horn will sing with the best of blues singers, perform in the best Jazz and Blues festivals all araound the world and create very successful CDs and music.

She will be in India for 3 concerts


Free for Alliance française members.

registration on [email protected] until the wed 21th July