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Dance : And then, one thousand years of peace

City: Mumbai Location: Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA Date: Sun, 2013/01/20 – 7:00pm – Mon, 2013/01/21 – 7:00pm   In partnership with the Embassy of France in India, Institut Français, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Teamwork Productions and NCPA And then one thousand years of peace, choreography by Angelin Preljocaj / 2010 Creation Inspired by the Apocalypse of St. John, And then, one thousand years of peace works in a poetic vein. The word Apocalypse (from the Greek apo: “to lift” and calypsis: “veil”) evokes the idea of revealing, unveiling, or highlighting elements ... Read More »

Cinema : Phèdre

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Wed, 2013/01/16 – 7:00pm   In partnership with Prithvi Theatre From Theatre to Film @ Prithvi Phèdre, by Patrice Chéreau (140’) Patrice Chéreau unveils his Phaedra in the stark space of the Ateliers Berthier with its towering stone walls. His interpretation of Racine’s tragedy of desire and death paints the portrait of a woman physically and spiritually torn apart by a forbidden love. Dominique Blanc is this woman lost, distraught, a living disgrace transcending all reason and morality, a flesh ... Read More »

Cinema : Eldorado

City: Mumbai Location: Alliace Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/01/14 – 6:30pm Eldorado, by Olivier Assayas (90’) This movie aims at following very closely the genesis of Eldorado (Sonntags Abschied). It highlights the echoes between partition and movements, to see the birth of collisions, fightings, but also exchanges, the way gesture becomes extension of sound, so far as abstraction. The sweetness of gestures, the arms flapping like wings, floating caresses and a new collusion with Karlheinz Stockhausen’s music, these were the elements Preljocaj used to translate this “voodoo sound form”, as he ... Read More »

Art Thursdays

City: Mumbai Location: Sakshi Gallery Tanna House Date: Thu, 2013/01/10 – 6:30pm In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and the Embassy of France in India On the occasion of Art Thursdays, the Alliance Française de Bombay will present a series of short animated films untitled “Annecy: 50 years of animation”. The Annecy International Animated Film Festival was created in 1960 and is the most famous worldwide. For the fifth part of the cycle, we invite you to discover a selection of 6 films that have received awards in ... Read More »

Concert : Sitkovetsky – Caussé – Demarquette trio

City: Mumbai Location: NCPA Date: Wed, 2013/01/09 – 7:00pm – Thu, 2013/01/10 – 7:00pm In partnership with NCPA and Poona Music Society Three western classical musicians, three instruments, three artists, one trio : the wonderful result of an association between Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Gérard Caussé and Henri Demarquette. Each one of them is a famous soloist, whose virtuosity is universally hailed by the international music press. Dmitry Sitkovetsky, violinist, is an artist whose creativity defies categorising. He has built up an active and successful career as a violinist, conductor, arranger, chamber ... Read More »

Literature : Culture(s), Language (s), Identity(ies): Through the voice of a writer

City: Mumbai Location: Ramnarain RUIA College, Matunga Date: Tue, 2013/01/08 – 12:30pm In partnership with Embassy of France in India, Institut Français and Ramnarain RUIA College   In the occasion of Prof. V. G. Hatalkar Memorial, lecture by French author Kenize Mourad, followed by interaction-discussion moderated by Prof. Vasumathi Badrinatha. An encounter with the author ofRegards from the dead princess, on the occasion of the launch of her latest book, In the city of gold and silver.   Read More »

Literature: Book Launch “In the city of gold and silver”

City: Mumbai Location: Kitab Khana, Fort Date: Mon, 2013/01/07 – 6:00pm Organized by Full Circle, in partnership with the Embassy of France in India, Institut Français and Kitab Khana. With the support of Alliance Française de Bombay Full Circle launches the world premiere English edition of In the city of gold and silver, by Kenizé Mourad. The author will be in discussion with Prof. Mangala Sirdeshpande, professor and head of the department of French (retd), at the University of Mumbai. Adress Kitab Khana: Somaiya Bhavan Ground ... Read More »

Cinema : Blanche-Neige

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/01/07 – 6:30pm Blanche-Neige, by Olivier Assayas (90’) The choreographer Angelin Preljocaj brings together 26 dancers of his company in 2008 to revisit SnowWhite, music of Gustav Mahler, décor by Thierry Leproust and costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Quite a surprise, because Preljocaj is rather known for his experimentations in contemporary fields. But however, the choreographer composes an enchanting show, a great contemporary, modern ballet to discover, and a fairy tale to rediscover. Read More »


City: Mumbai Location: Open Air Theatre, IIT Bombay, Powai Date: Thu, 2013/01/03 – 8:30pm   In partnership with IIT Bombay Magic Moulla The Alliance Française de Bombay is part of the Techfest  festival by inviting Magic Moulla, a magician who employs augmented reality in his acts and creates a new way of doing magic shows by blending new technologies and magic art. A magician with an insatiable appetite for technology, Magic Moulla brings augmented reality to the performance stage. He has made this style of magic his ... Read More »


City: Mumbai Date: Wed, 2013/01/02 (All day) – Sun, 2013/03/31 (All day)     Bonjour India Festival is about to start!     You can find more information on Read More »