Cinema- Brook by Brook

City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Mon, 2012/08/27 – 6:30pm


Brook by Brook, by Simon Brook (72’)
Portraits of a man in private, at home; portrait of a man at work… Because he hides nothings from his son Simon (a young director of films and documentaries), the great British stage director Peter Brook reveals for the first time something of his personal world as artist, father, and son. But Simon Brook never settles for the strictly biographical, he seeks to capture the essence of the paternal guest: a quest for life, for truth, far beyond a “mere” quest for theater. In English or French, the director tells how the vision of a primitive statue in a Zen garden, or a journey to Iran or Africa, determined his path, helped nurture his conception of the stage space (the emptiest, the least definite, the most open) for the actor’s performance (the freest possible).