Heritage Days - Visit of Grant Road's cinemas

City: Mumbai
Date: Sun, 2012/09/09 – 10:00am
Duration: 3 hours

For the third time this year, the Alliance Française de Bombay is pleased to celebrate Mumbai’s heritage, focusing on the “Hidden Treasures” of the city, through a whole program of visits, screenings and exhibition all over the metropolis.

Visit of Grant Road with Rafique Baghdadi
Everyday in Mumbai thousands of people go to the cinema, but scarcely pay attention to the buildings in which the films are shown. Once the common man’s best form of outdoor entertainment, today movie theatres in Mumbai are becoming a threatened specie. All that is now pure nostalgia. Grant Road, Lamington Road, Falkland Road : in these areas are more than 19 theatres. It is the Broadway or Time Square of Mumbai. You can walk with us, and have a look upon this piece of our history