Heritage Days - Screening @ Liberty

City: Mumbai
Date: Tue, 2012/09/11 – 4:00pm

In partnership with Liberty Cinema

Screenings at the Preview of the Liberty Cinema

Vertical City, by Mukul Kishore (34’)
A visual essay on the architecture of a dystopia. In the far suburbs of Bombay residents from slums are given free houses in high-rise building complexes with the promise of a better life. But the project is seen as a move to free prime slum land for commercial development. The complexes soon degenerate into places worse than slums. The film lets the viewer experience the living conditions of places hidden away in a 21st century metropolis.

Tracing Bylanes, by Surabhi Sharma (16’)
Chandigarh, a celebrated instance of modern city planning, was born out of a loss. Partition, in the wake of Freedom, cut the province of Punjab into two. The Muslim majority areas of West Punjab, along with the capital Lahore, became part of Pakistan. East Punjab remained with the now divided, newly independent India – a federal state without its principal city.
A new city was proposed, one that would erase the experience of dismemberment, and break free of Tradition. Le Corbusier was commissioned to plan and build this Capital.
When does a city become a city?

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For the third time this year, the Alliance Française de Bombay is pleased to celebrate Mumbai’s heritage, focusing on the “Hidden Treasures” of the city, through a whole program of visits, screenings and exhibition all over the metropolis.