Celebrated every 21st of June, world music day is a global event, free and open to all music styles, which allows you to tune into live music in all its diversity. This year, Alliance Française de Bombay along with Furtados School of Music and blueFrog bring you a week of music and offer you the opportunity to perform live!

Have a glimpse of the programme:

— Important information, the concert at blueFrog, originally planned on the 21st of June, has been postponed and the exact date will be communicated to you at a later stage —

       MUSIC CONTEST & CONCERTS ON THE 18TH OF JUNE – Get a chance to perform @ blueFrog!                    Several music bands will perform in front of a jury at AF Auditorium on the 18th of June – concerts open to the public

Do you have what it takes? Enter the chance of a lifetime! After a pre-selection, you can be invited to perform at AF Auditorium in front of a jury on the 18th of June. Selected groups will win the opening act at blueFrog at a date that will be communicated to you at a later stage. More info here.

WORKSHOPS WITH FURTADOS SCHOOL OF MUSIC: Saturday 11th June – 6pm-7.30pm & 7.30-9pm   Thursday 16th June & Friday 17th June – 11.30am-1pm

Come to our interactive sessions and share the joy of making music together! Music workshops will be offered by Furtados School of Music @ Furtados School of Music. Instruments are provided, however feel free to bring your own!                                                                                                                                            To REGISTER for the workshops, please send us an email at [email protected], giving us the following information: First and last name, telephone number. Letting us know your current musical backgroundr will allow us to give you the best experience.


6pm to 7.30pm: DRUMS for amateurs   /  7.30pm to 9.30pm: DRUMS for advanced

6pm to 7.30pm: GUITAR for amateurs  /  7.30pm to 9.30pm: GUITAR for advanced

6pm to 7.30pm: PIANO for amateurs  /  7.30pm to 9.30pm: PIANO for advanced


11.30am to 1pm: DRUMS for amateurs

11.30am to 1pm: GUITAR for amateurs

11.30am to 1pm: PIANO for amateurs


11.30am to 1pm: DRUMS for advanced

11.30am to 1pm: GUITAR for advanced

11.30am to 1pm: PIANO for advanced

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss and learn about music with us! The workshops will take place at FURTADOS SCHOOL OF MUSIC, 49, Fern Villa, Next to Quantum Park Society, 52 Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

Cinéma concert Meliés

CINE CONCERT “The Georges Méliès Series”: Thu. 23rd, 7pm, @ Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA

Les Mélodies de Nirbaak by Abhind Musics

Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is a ciné concert produced by Abhind Musics who will perform ‘The Georges Méliès Series’, of four short silent films by this genius director of the early twentieth century. These silent movies are titled A trip to the Moon, Blue Beard, Joan of Arc & the Kingdom of Fairies.

A ciné concert is what cinema was at its very beginning, at the time when movies were silent. Some musicians were performing live the music composed for these films right in front of the screen together with the audience. Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is a ciné concert and will perform ‘The Georges Méliès Series’, of four short silent films: A trip to the Moon, Blue Beard, Joan of Arc & the Kingdom of Fairies.

Les Mélodies de Nirbaak isn’t a band but an entity whose components change according to the musicians who are performing, this time it will be composed of Pierre-Antoine Lasnier on bass guitar, Neel Sarkar on guitar and various string instruments, Sushruto Goswami on flute & Pritam Sengupta on percussions and kalimba. Les Mélodies de Nirbaak is an Abhind Musics production directed by Pierre-Antoine Lasnier.

FREE entry, no registration necessary.

Stay tuned for more exciting concerts & events!