Highlight on Sherazade & Lavionrose concert at the KALA GHODA arts festival 2017

Sherazade and Lavionrose came together for an unforgetable concert at Cross Maidan on the 10th of February 2017. Thousands were present to cheer and applause the French group who flew specially to tour with the Alliance Francaise network in India.

Sherazade’s songs are an image of her life, vibrant, sensual and mixed. Her lyrics, sung in Russian, Arabic, French, English, Armenian and Turkish invited us to travel and reflect upon societies issues such as the woman condition accross the world.

LavionRose is a dash of rock French song flirting with gypsies and a touch of jazz on the way with piano, violin, accordion, bass and drums. Pure energy!! Their four musicians offered us an intense yet subtle concert, rich and melodious. Four minstrels, true stage artists opened their music to us, and with it came a kaleidoscope of emotions.