DELF – DALF Exams Registration


Please go through all the guidelines highlighted below BEFORE registering for the DELF-DALF Exam! It is the candidate’s responsibility to go through them BEFORE they register. Failure to abide with even a single one of these rules will result in the candidate being declared as non-admissible i.e. they will NOT be allowed to appear for the exam and their DELF/DALF fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under any circumstances.

A penalty of Rs. 2,360/- will be levied against ALL candidates who break even a single rule in any way [ including External Candidates registering as Internal Candidates, candidates below 18 years of age registering for the DELF-DALF Tout Public Exam, Candidates who register for the wrong level/wrong centre etc. ]


The video tutorial explains the steps for registering for the DELF – DALF exams at AF Bombay through our website and online kiosk. Please follow the instructions carefully to successfully complete the registration process.


If any candidate has registered for DELF/DALF during any previous session, it is mandatory to indicate the 12 DIGIT CANDIDATE NUMBER that had been allotted to them, regardless of the examination centre.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to read the rules available on our website before appearing for the examination which can be found on this link.

Visit the online registration platform ON A LAPTOP.

Create your account/log into your pre-existing Alliance Française account.

Choose the appropriate DELF/DALF examination and the examination centre.

Make the payment as per the fee schedule given below in accordance with whether you are an internal or external candidate.

Register Here


Please refer to the appropriate fee structure depending on if you are an internal or external candidate:

*Inclusive of GST


FOR THE MARCH 2023 SESSION, students who have completed/ are completing a French Course (workshops are NOT counted as French Courses) at ANY Alliance Française in India on or after 1st October 2022 are considered as Internal Candidates.
All candidates who do NOT meet the criteria for Internal Candidates are treated as External Candidates.
If an External Candidate is found to have paid the Fees reserved for Internal Candidates, they will be expected to pay the difference in the fees immediately. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being declared as non-admissible and their examination fees will NOT be refunded/transferred. Additionally, a penalty of Rs. 2,360/- will be levied on ALL External Candidates who register as Internal Candidates.


1) Please carry original (hard copy/physical document) National Photo Identity Card (Passport / Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Driving Licence)
2) Please carry original (hard copy/physical document) of the DELF/DALF Examination Fee Receipt sent by Alliance Française de Bombay following online registration. Soft Copies/Digital Copies of the Fee Receipt will NOT be accepted.


In general:

1) Please go through all the guidelines BEFORE registering for the DELF-DALF Exam! It is the candidate’s responsibility to go through them BEFORE they register. Failure to abide with even a single one of these rules will result in the candidate being declared as non-admissible i.e. they will NOT be allowed to appear for the exam and their DELF/DALF fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under any circumstances. A penalty of Rs. 2,360/- will be levied against ALL candidates who break even a single rule in any way.

2) Registrations for the DELF-DALF Examinations are STRICTLY on a first-come first-serve basis. NO requests will be entertained under ANY circumstances once seats for any level get full.

3) Please note that candidates are NOT allowed to choose/change the time slot for the written/oral exam. The allocated time slot(s) for the written/oral examination have to be scrupulously respected under ALL circumstances. Candidates will NOT be allowed to appear for the examination at any slot apart from their allocated time. Failure to do so – including arriving late for the written/oral exam – will result in the candidate being declared non-admissible and their examination fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under ANY circumstances.

4) Any candidate arriving late on the date of the DELF / DALF examinations shall be declared non- admissible and shall be refused entry to the examination halls. Registration fees shall neither be refunded nor transferred.

5) Kindly note that the DELF/DALF Examination fees once paid will NOT be refunded or transferred under ANY circumstances.

Covid 19:

1) Alliance Française de Bombay will continue to follow the protocols outlined by the Government of India and the State Government with regards to COVID 19. The right to cancel or reschedule any DELF/DALF session due to any such change in guidelines, shall be reserved by Alliance Française. It is the responsibility of the candidate to view any such updates or changes on the Alliance Française website.

2) Any registered candidate who tests positive for Covid and hence CANNOT appear for the exams is requested to immediately send an email to certifications.mumb[email protected] (cc [email protected]) with a digital copy / photo / scan of the test report attached to the email.