Please go through all the guidelines highlighted below BEFORE registering for the DELF-DALF Exam! It is the candidate’s responsibility to go through them BEFORE they register. Failure to abide with even a single one of these rules will result in the candidate being declared as non-admissible i.e. they will NOT be allowed to appear for the exam and their DELF/DALF fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under any circumstances.

  • Online Registrations : All aspiring candidates for the DELF/DALF examinations are hereby informed that registrations for the same will take place ONLINE ONLY via a Laptop/Computer (the Registration Link is NOT Mobile-Compatible). NO requests for on-site registrations will be entertained at any of our centers. 

  • Order of Registrations :  Registrations for the DELF-DALF Examinations are STRICTLY on a first-come first-serve basis. NO requests will be entertained under ANY circumstances once seats for any level get full.

  • Registration Dates : The registrations for the Dec 2020 Session of the DELF-DALF Examinations will start after midnight on Nov 1, 2020 (the midnight between Nov 1, 2020 and Nov 2, 2020) for ALL Candidates (Internal and External) on a first-come first-serve basis. They will continue (subject to the availability of seats) until midnight on Nov 6, 2020 (the midnight between Nov 6, 2020 and Nov 7, 2020). NO registrations outside of this time period will be accepted irrespective of the circumstances. There will be NO PRE-BOOKING of seats under ANY circumstances for ANY Candidates (eg: no pre-booking for internal students of Alliance Française de Bombay, no pre-booking for students who had previously registered for the Mar 2020 Session etc.)
  • Examination Dates : For the DELF-DALF Dec 2020 Examination Dates, please refer to this link. Please ensure that you are available for the ENTIRE DAY on the day of the exam. Your individual time slot is randomly allocated and can be at ANY TIME during the day – this time slot CANNOT be changed. If for any reason you are unavailable or late for any part of the exam, irrespective of the reason, you will be marked as absent and your DELF-DALF fees will be considered as forfeited. It will NOT be refunded/transferred to another session under ANY circumstances. The detailed timetable with the individual timeslots of all the registered candidates will be available ONE WEEK BEFORE THE EXAM on this link. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check the timetable – Alliance Française de Bombay will NOT be handling ANY queries on this front.
  • Internal Candidates : Please note that ON AN EXCEPTIONAL BASIS FOR THE DEC 2020 SESSION, students who have pursued a French Course (workshops are NOT counted as French Courses) at Alliance Française de Bombay any time during or after Oct 2019 are considered as Internal Candidates. Please refer to the procedure for registration for Internal Candidates via this link.
  • External Candidates : All candidates who do NOT meet the criteria for Internal Candidates are treated as External Candidates. The registration process and fees for External Candidates is different – these details can be accessed via this link.
  • Declaration of Results : The results are uploaded on this link and on the Social Media handles of Alliance Française de Bombay (@afmumbai on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) as soon as they are available. It is the candidate’s responsibility to regularly check our Social Media Handles for the declaration of results – Alliance Française de Bombay will NOT personally notify candidates about the same.

Collection of Certificates

a) Candidates who successfully clear the exam are given two certificates – Attestation (Marksheet) and Diplôme (Passing Certificate). The arrival of these certificates is announced on the Social Media handles of Alliance Française de Bombay (@afmumbai on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) as soon as they are available. Both certificates are authentic documents. They should be kept carefully – please do NOT fold them. Ensure that the certificates do NOT get damaged, torn, lost etc. NO copies of either certificate will be issued under ANY circumstances.

b) Candidates are expected to collect BOTH certificates from the Theosophy Hall Head Office. These are NOT e-mailed/mailed/couriered under ANY circumstances.

c) Candidates are expected to collect their Attestation within 7 working days from the declaration of results. Alliance Française de Bombay reserves the right to discard these certificates as per their discretion after the expiration of this period. NO copies are issued once a certificate has been discarded.

d) For Candidates coming in person to collect their certificates themselves, it is mandatory to carry TWO documents:

– the original (Hard Copy) of their DELF-DALF Examination Fee Receipt (sent by e-mail after online payment)

– the Original (Hard Copy) of at least one Nationalised ID Card (PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card / Passport / Driving License).

Certificates will NOT be issued under ANY circumstances if a candidate fails to produce even a single one of these documents.

e) If a candidate is unable to collect their DELF / DALF certificate in person, they may designate another person to collect the certificates on their behalf by sending a signed HARD COPY of an authorisation letter which MUST include ALL of the following details :

– the Full Name and the Signature of the Candidate who appeared for the DELF Exam along with their 12-Digit Candidate Number

– The Session ( Month and Year ) of the DELF Exam along with the level appeared for ( A1, A2, … etc. )

– the Full Name and the Signature of the Person coming to collect the Certificates

– A photo identity card (PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card / Passport / Driving Licence) of the Person coming to collect the Certificates

– the ORIGINAL hard copy/printed copy of the DELF/DALF Exam fee receipt sent by Alliance Française de Bombay following online registration

f) DELF-DALF certificates are considered confidential documents – Alliance Française de Bombay will NOT disclose a candidate’s marks or allow the person designated by the candidate to collect the certificates if EVEN A SINGLE ONE of the details + documents highlighted above are missing.

g) Candidates who do not clear the exam are NOT given certificates – their marks are NOT revealed under ANY circumstances. NO NEGOTIATIONS on this front will be entertained.