on joue sur la terre

on joue sur la terre

Fondation Alliance Française launches the next edition of the photography contest themed ‘On joue sur la terre’ (Earth is the playground). The goal is to showcase games in their many social and cultural functions (board games, gamblings, video games, outdoor games, children’s games, sporting events, etc.). This contest will also be an opportunity to learn about the evolution of the playful customs in the world.

Participation in the contest is free. Send us two pictures captured by you that best illustrate the theme and send them to [email protected].

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Conditions for participation in the contest:

This contest is open to anyone who is legally an adult and citizen of India.
The contest is not open to professional photographers who are recognised for their artistic work and making exclusively their living from it.
Participants will need to sign the form of registration at Alliance Française de Bombay to enter the contest.
Only one entry of 2 photos per participant will be accepted. Each participant shall submit their 2 photos in TIFF file format (preferred) or JPEG format (as an alternative) with a resolution of 300 dpi. The following information must also accompany the 2 photos submitted by each participant: Brand, model and reference information about the camera used, The f-stop used, The shutter speed used, If a negative was used then information about the film (brand, Izo number).
Participants shall transfer to the Fondation Alliance française exclusive usage rights to the photographs submitted on the site during the contest. Any enrolment or participation involving data or contact information that are incomplete, erroneous or false, or done in violation of the terms of the present agreement shall be considered null and void by the Fondation Alliance française and will be excluded from any awards without the Fondation being liable for said exclusion.