The Very Essence – Raza on Film by Laurent Bregeat (51′)

Mon. July 23rd, 6:30 pm, Alliance Française Auditorium

In this special collaboration with the Piramal Museum of Art’s ongoing exhibition S.H. Raza: Traversing Terrains, Alliance Française will be screening four special films made by French filmmaker Laurent Bregeat on four great Indian painters – Akbar Padamsee, M F Husain, Ram Kumar and S H Raza.

We start by commemorating the great Indian artist, S.H. Raza’s second death anniversary on 23rd July with the film The Very Essence. The film is a window to Raza’s life in France, and how he kept the Indian element in his works alive. It is made up of a series of conversations with the artist bringing out his ideology, the meaning of his art and how he faced criticism, especially for the repetitive use of the bindu. The Very Essence has been produced by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, and edited by Shan Mohammed and Bregeat.

This film screening is part of the Museum’s three-day event series to commemorate S.H. Raza’s second death anniversary with a workshop, a film screening and a panel discussion.

Free and open to everyone | No registration needed | Please refer to the Facebook Event via this link

In partnership with Piramal Museum of Art and Raza Foundation