TASTE WEEK : Flair bartending

Demonstration Flair Bartending Drop by for a drink at BlueFrog and enjoy the nifty Flair Bartending tricks of Florent Parfait, one of the most well-known bartenders in France. Florent Parfait won the first place at the French flair bartending ligue in February 2012. He has also been qualified for the Roadhouse world flair in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In partnership with Novotel Mumbai Juhu beach and BlueFrog Read More »

TASTE WEEK : La Guerre des graines

La guerre des graines by Clément Montfort and Stenka Quillet Fighting for food independence Are seeds a commodity or a vital resource to be shared for the benefit of Humanity like the water we drink or the air we breathe ? This film travels from India to France, and even to the polar circle, to unveil a silent and unknown war whose outcome is critical for all of us, that of our food independence. Followed by a conference debate with ... Read More »


Villa Amalia  by Benoît Jacquot (97’) Ann is a musician and composer who sees her long-time partner Thomas in the arms of another woman. Suddenly everything that seemed fixed and certain in her life disappears. She leaves Paris and eventually makes her way to Ischia, off the coast of Naples, to an old house known as the Villa Amalia where she is quite literally rescued by Giulia.   In partnership with Prithvi Theatre and Institut Français   Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA : 7ème ciel

Ce n’est pas un film de cow-boy, by Benjamin Parent (12’) From different backgrounds, two groups of French teenagers talk about the movie they watched on television last night: Brokeback Mountain. 7ème ciel by Guillaume Foirest (39′) Sofiane lives in a high-rise block on the edges of Paris. A violent young man, he tries to be like his gang of friends. However, Sofiane is attracted to guys. Through his contradictions he embodies the confusion of today’s idle young people who ... Read More »

ART THURSDAY : Willy Ronis

Willy Ronis, autoportrait d’un photographe  by Michel Toutain (55′) For seventy-six years, Willy Ronis photographed himself every year. The first self-portrait was taken when he was sixteen the last, at the age of ninety-two. These self-portraits create the framework for this film, in which Willy Ronis talks about himself, his art and his career. He shares stories of the moments before pressing the trigger and analyses some of his best known photographs which sealed his place in photographic history. In ... Read More »

CINECONCERT : Le P’tit Ciné-Concert 2

Le P’tit Ciné-Concert 2 “Le P’tit Ciné-Concert 2” is the latest show of the French band “Le Philharmonique de la Roquette”. Three musicians will accompany a series of 11 short burlesque films, that are poetic and full of emotion. These shorts allow the audience to enjoy a whole range of textures, animation techniques and scenarios each with a personality and a particular tone. Music and sound effects of the Philharmonique de la Roquette take along each movie into a singular ... Read More »

THE ROOT REEL @ AF : At the stairs | Children of the Pyre

At the Stairs by Rajesh Jala (29′) ‘At the Stairs’ captures lonely moments and lifeless lives of three aged widows who have been waiting for decades to die in Banaras. Ironically, they live at a paradoxical venue, Manikarnika, the busiest cremation ground, where cremations never stop. This film glimpses through the silence of these lonely souls living amidst the deafening sound of death rituals. Children of The Pyre by Rajesh Jala (74′) ‘Children of the Pyre’ is a compelling real-life, ... Read More »


Jappeloud, by Christian Duguay (130’) Jappeloup is the inspirational true story of one man and his horse, who together achieved one of France’s greatest Olympic victories. Pierre Durand, a man who decides to leave a legal career to follow his equestrian dream. He sees something special in a small and stubborn colt called Jappeloup and decides to go for gold in the competitive world of show jumping. Supported by his father and fellow rider Nadia, Pierre falters as he comes ... Read More »

AF @ DR BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM : Palette Collections

Lascaux, préhistoire de l’art, by Alain Jaubert (60′) La nuit des temps, by Alain Jaubert (12′) Lascaux is the richest of the decorated caves of prehistory. This program explores the remarkable unity of style of certain images, and the contradictions between some figures perhaps painted over a period of time. In partnership with Dr.Bhau Daji Lad Museum and Institut français Paris Read More »


For the fifth consecutive year, Alliance Française de Bombay, echoing European Heritage Days, organizes Heritage Week by proposing several guided tours around Mumbai. On the trail of Irani Cafés with Rafique Bagdhadi Mumbai, India’s financial capital, has been famous for many things and one of the most loved have been the street-corner ‘Irani cafes’ that sprouted up in the late 18th and early 19th centuries due to an influx of Persian immigrants. We take you on a tour of the ... Read More »