‘Revisiting Indian Spaces by Dance : Mumbai/Bombay’

by Ali Salmi/Osmosis Cie


Indian Guest Beatboxers Faizan BBX & Sonu BBX (From the Dharavi Dream Project)

Dec 12 (Thu) to Dec 20 (Fri) | Priyadarshini Park

Photo Courtesy – Mohit Gogia as part of the (E)motion Mumbay series

The French dancer and choreographer Ali Salmi of Osmosis Cie fame is primarily concerned with inviting dance to spaces where it was not imaginable before. In doing so, he brings into play the limits of the body. Like an entire generation of choreographers, it is physical risk that leads the dance – the artistic creation is born by the feeling of being on the edge. Thus, the public is offered new reimaginings of architecture, the spaces in which people live, and the spaces in which life resonates. A little trailer of Ali’s interventions in India during his previous visits can be found below :

Within the framework of his current visit to India and following his NewDelhi/Lodhi Art District step intervention, Ali will present the Dance Performance Revisiting Indian Spaces by Dance : Mumbai/Bombay in collaboration with Indian Guest Beatboxers Faizan BBX & Sonu BBX (From the Dharavi Dream Project).

In Mumbai, this Creation/Rehearsal and Performance will take place in Priyadarshini Park in two stages :

Open Door Practice-Rehearsal-Creation   

Dec 12th (Mon) to Dec 19 (Thu) | 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm | Priyadarshini Park


Dec 20 (Fri) | 7:30 pm | Priyadarshini Park

Free and Open to Everyone  | No registration needed

In partnership with Institut Français, Région Grand Est, Dharavi Dream Project (thanks to Gatecrash), and Osmosis Cie