Did you know that the French Ministry of Culture has declared 2020 as the Year of Comic Books ? To celebrate the occasion, the network of Alliances Françaises in India and Nepal is proud to present the Comic Strip Competition 2020 in partnership with the BDNF App and the French Institute in India !

Participants have to use the BDNF App (available on App Store or Play Store) to create an original comic strip as per the rules and regulations highlighted below. A tutorial on how to use the BDNF App can be found here :


Please note that it is MANDATORY to respect the Rules and Regulations outlined below. Please go through ALL of them BEFORE sending in your queries/submissions. Failure to abide by even a single one of these will result in the candidate’s entry being disqualified immediately :

  • The competition is FREE and open to ALL CURRENT/FORMER students of Alliances Françaises in India and Nepal. For any queries/submissions, please coordinate directly with the specific Alliance Française where you currently study/have previously studied.
  • In case you have studied at multiple Alliances in the India-Nepal Network, please CHOOSE ONE as per your discretion and coordinate with them EXCLUSIVELY.
  • Alliance Française de Bombay will ONLY coordinate with/accept submissions from its own current/former students.
  • Each participant is allowed to send ONLY ONE submission.
  • Please note that you can only participate on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. Group submissions, if any, will automatically be disqualified.
  • Please ensure that you send the FINAL VERSION of your comic strip AFTER having checked the spelling/grammar etc. You will NOT be allowed to change the same once we receive your submission.
  • We will only accept submissions via email to [email protected] between 11am on Apr 25 (Sat) and 6pm on May 3 (Sun). Entries sent via any other means will automatically be disqualified. Similarly, entries sent outside of the timeframe highlighted above will NOT be considered.
  • While emailing your entry, please send us ALL of the following details (Please note that if even a single one of these details is missing, your entry will automatically be disqualified) :

1) The Participant’s Full Name

2) The Participant’s Contact Number (preferably the WhatsApp number)

3) The Participant’s Email Address

4) Details of the Highest Level of French Courses pursued by the participant at Alliance Française de Bombay (including Level Name A1, A2 etc. + Duration Full/Lower/Higher + Format Weekday/Weekend/Fast Track + Learning Centre Churchgate/Santacruz/Cuffe Parade/Vashi etc.)

5) Any ONE proof of the Participant’s status as a current/former student of Alliance Française de Bombay ( Course Fee receipt / Level Completion Certificate / AF Bombay ID Card / AEC Student Number etc).

  • Your comic strip should be ORIGINAL – any plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The strip should consist of three frames (this is called the COMIC STRIP Format on the BDNF App). A visual representation of this format is given below. Submissions in ANY other format will automatically be disqualified :

  • The strip should be in French (atleast one word is mandatory).
  • It should be readable and logically coherent from left to right.
  • The comic strip has to be on the theme of French Language – its vocabulary, idiosyncrasies, grammar, difficulties, idioms etc.
  • The shortlisted entries will be published on the Official Facebook Page of Alliance Française de Bombay where people can ‘react’ (like, comment etc.) to the same.
  • There are different points for each reaction (like, love, haha, comment etc.). The total points for each comic strip will be counted 15 days after its publication (eg: for a comic published on April 25, the total points will be counted on May 10 and so on).
  • ONLY the reactions on the post on the Official Facebook Page of Alliance Française de Bombay will be taken into account while calculating the total points. If this post is shared/posted anywhere else, any reactions which are NOT on the Official Facebook Page of Alliance Française de Bombay will NOT be considered.
  • Alliance Française de Bombay reserves the right to use ALL submissions as per its discretion.
  • The 2 comic strips with the highest number of points on the Official Facebook Page of Alliance Française de Bombay will be chosen as the Bombay-Level Winners and will be awarded special gifts as a token of appreciation. The selection of the Bombay-level winners will be final and binding.
  • The submissions from the 2 Bombay-Level Winners will also go on to represent Alliance Française de Bombay in the national competition wherein they will compete from entries from the other Alliances in the India-Nepal Network and stand the chance of winning exciting prizes. The selection of the national winners will be final and binding.

We look forward to receiving your entries. Let the competition begin!