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Feb 13th (Thu) | 6:30pm | Alliance Française Auditorium (Theosophy Hall) Incertains voyages by Anne de Giafferi (51′) They come from Albania, Mali, Gambia, Guinea, or Egypt. Isabelle, Erwin, Mohammed, Erry, Djibril, Elhadj, and Abdelrahim have made a tumultuous journey to Corsica. Placed under the care of Child Welfare Services, these young immigrants are called MNA (unaccompanied minors) in French and have to learn to rebuild their lives. Their existence is a constant countdown – as soon as they reach ... Read More »

Ooh La La Photo Competition @ KALA GHODA 2020

Feb 1, 2020 to Feb 9, 2020 at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Time to get snap-happy at our photo competition at the Kala Ghoda Festival! Each festival-goer is invited to pose with at our photo booth using any of the different options available – the three funniest photos will win exciting prizes! Visit us for a fun and entertaining French experience ! RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE OOH LA LA PHOTO COMPETITION – The contest is free and open to ... Read More »

The Little Prince @ KALA GHODA 2020

Feb 9th (Sun), 3:30pm sharp, NGMA (Fort, Mumbai) In partnership with Banjara Theatre and Kala Ghoda 2020, we bring you a solo performed reading by Rashi Bunny of a new adaptation and translation of a playscript based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Classic French novella Le petit prince which tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe. In the process, he learns the vagaries of adult behaviour through a ... Read More »

CONCERT | Khushboo

Feb 1, 2020 (Sat) | 7 pm | Royal Opera House (Mumbai) We bring to you the Indo-French Concert Khushboo – the result of original and innovative meetings between different virtuosos who have mastered their individual crafts over several years! Sarangi Maestro Murad Ali Khan and French composer Titi Robin (compositions, bouzoug, guitar) have been working together on joint artistic projects for the last decade. Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera and Titi Robin began their collaboration in the early 90s with ... Read More »

CONCERT | FKBass Holograms

28th Jan (Tue), 8:30 pm, Levi’s Lounge [ Unit 2, New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Premises Mathurdas Mills Compound, N M, NM Joshi Marg, Mumbai 400013 ] We bring you the unique concert FKBass Holograms featuring the FKBass – an augmented bass developed by Floy Krouchi and inspired by Indian music and its most ancient instrument i.e. the Rudra Veena! Using electronics and real-time transformation, Krouchi plays with a curious soundscape shifting between noise-based pulsations and amplified silences to create what ... Read More »

DISCUSSION | Beyond the Boulevards – A Short Biography of Pondicherry

Sat. Jan 18, 6 pm, MCubed Library [Ground Floor, Princess Building, D’Monte Park Road, Bandra West, near Bandra Gymkhana, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050] We present a panel discussion on Prof. Aditi Sriram’s book Beyond the Boulevards – A Short Biography of Pondicherry. The book presents the biography of a city which weaves stories of people and events with equal dexterity. It evokes the Pondicherry that is at once obviously French and yet profoundly Indian. Beyond the Boulevards draws fine sketches of ... Read More »

CONCERT | Guillaume Barraud Quartet

14th Jan (Tue), 8:30 pm, The BlueBop Café (Khar West) We bring you a concert with the Guillaume Barraud Quartet featuring Guillaume Barraud (bansuri & compositions), Tam de Villiers (electric guitar), Johann Berby (bass guitar), and Xavier Roge (drums). An exhilarating fusion of Indian Music and contemporary jazz with some of Paris’ finest musicians, the quatret refracts the spirit of India through the prism of jazz. Their soundscape floats timelessly whilst bubbling with restless energy by setting the pure tones ... Read More »

DANCE | Revisiting Indian Spaces by Dance : Mumbai/Bombay

‘Revisiting Indian Spaces by Dance : Mumbai/Bombay’ by Ali Salmi/Osmosis Cie and Indian Guest Beatboxers Faizan BBX & Sonu BBX (From the Dharavi Dream Project) Dec 12 (Thu) to Dec 20 (Fri) | Priyadarshini Park The French dancer and choreographer Ali Salmi of Osmosis Cie fame is primarily concerned with inviting dance to spaces where it was not imaginable before. In doing so, he brings into play the limits of the body. Like an entire generation of choreographers, it is ... Read More »


Nov 27 (Wed) to Dec 10 (Tue), 3pm to 6pm, Sir JJ College of Architecture In partnership with Des Châteaux en l’air, Sir JJ College of Architecture, Région Grand Est, Strasbourg City in France, The French Institute in India, and the Embassy of France in India; we present SHELTER – a participative installation inspired by the concrete and philosophical experience of the 19th Century American Author Henry David Thoreau. The installation is created on site by inviting the general public ... Read More »

BOOK LAUNCH & PRESENTATION | Smart City in India: Urban Laboratory, Paradigm or Trajectory

Nov 28 (Thu), 6:30pm, Theosophy Hall In partnership with USM’s KRVIA and the French Institute in India; we present the book launch of Smart City in India: Urban Laboratory, Paradigm or Trajectory which draws on ethnographic data from across Indian cities to assess the transformative possibilities and limitations of the Smart City programme in the subcontinent. The tome examines the core infrastructural elements that make up a city and underlines the importance of ensuring that the ‘smart city’ is inclusive. ... Read More »