Café Philo at Qtube Cafe, april 2017

Together with Francois Courcelle, founder of the association ‘Philodyssee’, Alliance Francaise de Bombay organised the very first free and open public philosophical debate of India in 2016: Café Philo

Café Philo at Todi Mill Social, july 2017

What is special about Café Philo?

Café Philo allows a space for people of all backgrounds (no need to be an expert in philosophy) to explore philosophical questions in a safe and friendly atmosphere. It is a chance to express your ideas and to listen and contribute to the ideas of others.

Café Philo explores various topics, chosen during a vote by the participants, such as: Does the truth exist?

To know when and where is happening the next Café philo, keep checking the cultural events page: Upcoming events

More about Philodyssee association: Philodyssee website

Photo credit: Ryan D’Souza