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Music : L’Impératrice

City: Mumbai Location: blueFROG, Lower Parel Date: Thu, 2013/10/24 – 10:00pm Category: Concert In partnership with Institut Français in India, DGAF,  blueFROG and Novotel  Mumbai Juhu Beach Thurs. 24th, 10 pm, blueFROG, Lower Parel L’Impératrice L’Impératrice (The Empress) is beautiful and crual. She rules the groove and the hearts, and you will bow to her desire. The first opus will sound like a revelation, meteor dodging between funk, 90’ french house and hiphop. Her references to the joyful sound of our childhood and her ... Read More »

Cinéma : Americano

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/10/21 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening   Americano, by Mathieu Demy (105’) In Paris, the relationship between Martin and Claire is at an impasse. His mother’s death suddenly calls Martin back to Los Angeles, to deal with inheritance formalities, the town where he spent his childhood. This return to childhood haunts, provokes several buried memories that appear to disturb Martin. Martin decides to go to Tijuana in Mexico, looking for Lola, a close friend of his mother’s. He ... Read More »

Documentary : Do Pahar & No problem

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Fri, 2013/10/18 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening     In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive Do Pahar, by Shazia Srivastava and Sharifa Roy (30’) Sudha, an old woman survives her remaining days on scraps of leftover food, abuse from her son and watching the world from the countless windows of her ancestral house. It’s Diwali. For two days now, she’s noticed a man, Bilal, outside her window waiting for someone. With unabashed curiosity, Sudha keeps vigil on ... Read More »

Cinema : From Literature to Film @ Prithvi

City: Mumbai Location: Prithvi House, Juhu Date: Wed, 2013/10/16 – 7:00pm Category: Film screening                         In partnership with Prithvi Theatre and Institut Français From literature to film @ Prithvi La Trahison, by Philippe Faucon (80’) War story The Betrayal takes a timely look back to the 1960 Algerian war of independence. The title refers to the divided loyalties that threaten to tear apart a French army unit made up of mutually suspicious European colonizers and Algerian Arabs. ... Read More »

Art Thursday

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Thu, 2013/10/10 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening                                   In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and Institut Français On the occasion of Art Thursday, the Alliance Française de Bombay will present the following animated film: Couleur de peau : Miel, by Jung Sik-jun, Laurent Boileau (75’)   Asian cartoonist, Jung, 42 years old according to his civil status, prefers to place his birth at ... Read More »

Cinema : Entre Les Bras – La cuisine en héritage

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Wed, 2013/10/09 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Wed. 9th, 6.30 pm, Alliance Française auditorium Entre Les Bras – La cuisine en héritage, by Paul Lacoste (90’) French chef Michel Bras, one of the most influential chefs in the world, has decided to hand over his renowned 3-Michelin-Star restaurant to his son Sébastien. Filmed in the gorgeous Aubrac region in the South of France, Step Up to the Plate offers a rare glimpse into the Bras’ culinary process ... Read More »

Cinema : Gadjo Dilo

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/10/07 – 6:30am Category: Film screening       Gadjo Dilo, by Tony Gatlif (102”) Stéphane, a young French man from Paris, travels to Romania in search of singer Nora Luca. Living in the Roma village for several months, he witnesses the joys & heartbreaks of Romany experience. Read More »

Cinema : From Literature to Film

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/09/30 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening       Une vieille maîtresse, by Catherine Breillat (104’) Ryno de Marigny, before getting married to the young and innocent Hermangarde, makes a last visit to La Vellini, his Spanish mistress, to bid goodbye in an act of lovemaking. After the marriage, the newlyweds move away to a castle at the seashore. They are happy and soon Hermangarde conceives. But the “mistress” reappears, and while Ryno tries to keep ... Read More »

Heritage days : Dharavi visit

City: Mumbai Location: Dharavi Date: Thu, 2013/09/26 -10:00am – 1:00pm Price: Free Category: Other     Did you know that even before ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was shot in this township, the potters, embroiderers, recyclers, bakers, papad-makers contributed US$1 billion to the economy? Not a slum in the traditional sense of the word, Dharavi has churches, mosques, temples to cater to all communities, hospitals and clinics and above all, schools with two shifts which is a testimony to the growing respect for education among the so-called slum-dwellers. Meeting point: ... Read More »

Special event : Ship of Theseus

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Thu, 2013/09/26 – 6:30pm Price: Free Category: Film screening     Ship of Theseus, by Anand Gandhi (139’) If the parts of a ship are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it still the same ship? A blind photographer grapples with the loss of her intuitive brilliance as an aftermath of a clinical procedure; an erudite monk confronting an ethical dilemma with a long held ideology, has to choose between principle and death; and a young stockbroker, following the trail of a ... Read More »