City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Tue, 2013/08/27 – 6:30pm
Category: Film screening


In partnership with The Root Reel

Words on water, by Sanjay Kak (85′)

A boat carrying that cargo of defiance begins an urgent journey through the Narmada valley. For more than 15 years people of the valley have resisted a series of massive dams on their river, and in their struggle have exposed the deceptive heart of India’s development politics. The struggle has forged unusual alliances against the powerful apparatus of this chosen model of development.

This is a dialogue with authority that is usually conducted across barricades. But through the tumult and slogans, we make our way to the transactions between power and powerlessness, between truth and untruth. Words on water is about a sustained non-violent resistance, that almost joyous defiance, which empowers the people as they struggle for their rights, yet saves them from the ultimate humiliation of violence.

This film is the first in the “Democracy Trilogy” Series by Sanjay Kak, screened at Alliance Française.

Hindi with English Subtitles.


Documentary  Words on water