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Magazine – Newsletter

Every three month, Impressions magazine opens a new window on French speaking cultures. Reviewing the cultural events organized by the Alliance, the magazine also gives his readers an opportunity to discover some little known aspects of France. By describing its provinces or by evoking on some social matter Impressions focuses on details that reveal a lot give a better idea of the all. Along with a cover story, its books, movie et music section bring in Bombay some news of ... Read More »

One-stop Solution for Official Interpretation

Interpretation Rates Weekdays Saturdays., Sundays & Holidays Outstation Half day (4 hrs) Rs. 4000 +GST Rs. 6 000 + GST Rs. 8 000 + GST Full day (7 hrs) Rs. 8 000 + GST Rs. 12 000 + GST Rs. 16 000 + GST Beyond 7 hrs Rs. 1300/hr + GST Rs. 1 500/hr + GST Rs. 1 700/hr + GST Note: All rates are subject to change without prior notice; 50% of estimated cost to be paid in advance, ... Read More »

Cultural Events

Panorama culturel

Collaborating closely with the other prestigious cultural centers, Alliance Française de Bombay promotes cultural exchanges between France and India, initiates a dialogue of ideas and bates through contemporary creation that is accessible to all: your gateway into Europe, French speaking countries and their cultures. Read More »

How to Register ?

At the Alliance Française de Bombay, registrations are open all year long! To enroll for a course, a student has to become a member of Alliance Française de Bombay. If you’re already a member, your membership has to be valid till at least the first day of the course. If you do not wish to register online, 4 of our teaching centres can take registrations : Churchgate Centre, Santacruz Centre, Vashi Centre, and Nashik Centre. Certificates of enrolment and attendance ... Read More »


TCF TCF Test – July 2014. Date : 29th July 2014 Registration Period: 15th May to 19th June 2014 Exam Fee Compulsory Exam:  6000 INR + service tax Optional oral exam:  3500INR  + service tax Optional written exam:  1500 INR  + service tax TCF (Test de connaissance du Français) is a French Language proficiency test. It is a standardized and calibrated test that ranks candidates on one of the six levels on a scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of ... Read More »

Exams of the CCIP

Diplôme de Français Professionnel Business French Diploma The Business French Diploma is a certification created in 1958 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France. It assesses the candidates’s communication skills in French, both written and spoken, in a professional context. Alliance Française de Bombay conducts the DFP B2 Course (approx. 140 hours long) to prepare aspiring candidates for the Business French Diploma. Whether you are a student or a professional (entrepreneur, project/product manager, engineer, consultant, etc.), the ... Read More »


  Calendrier du test d’accès 2016 :   Dates d’inscriptions Date des épreuves Date des résultats Inscriptions pour la session de juillet 2016 du 04/01/2016 au 22/01/2016 entre le 02/03/2016 et le 08/03/2016 03/05/2016 du 07/03/2016 au 25/03/2016 entre le 02/05/2016 et le 08/05/2016 29/06/2016 Inscriptions pour la session de janvier 2017 du 05/09/2016 au 23/09/2016 02/11/2016 23/12/2016 Attention ! : L’Alliance Française de Bombay n’organise pas la session 3 (septembre 2016)  Calendrier 2016 de l’examen final :   Dates d’inscription Date ... Read More »