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cinema : Bye Bye Blondie

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/11/11 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Duration: 87′ Bye Bye Blondie, by Virginie Despentes (87’) Gloria and Frances met each other in the 80s. Falling intensely in love just the way one does at the age of 16; sex, drugs and rock & roll, they part ways. 20 years later, Frances returns to seek Gloria and retrieve the romance they had in their youth. Read More »

Cinéma : Complices

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Thu, 2013/11/07 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Duration: 95′     Complices, by Frédéric Mermoud (93′) Vincent and Rebecca fell in love at first sight, when they first exchanged glances at a cyber-cafe. They are both young, barely eighteen years old, and face the future with few doubts or worries. Two months later, Vincent’s body is discovered in the Rhône, and Rebecca has disappeared. Inspector Hervé Cagan and his partner, Karine Mangin, are placed in charge of the ... Read More »

Special Event: Le Mois du Documentaire

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Fri, 2012/11/02 – 6:30pm – Wed, 2012/11/28 – 6:30pm   The Mois du Documentaire is a cultural and cinematic event that aims encouraging more people to appreciate this specific genre of cinema the documentary is, and to bring together the public and the directors or actors of the film, to create an exchange between them.   The Alliance Française de Bombay is delighted to be part of this and invites you to discover ... Read More »

Documentary : Red Ant Dream

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Tue, 2013/10/29 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening   In partnership with The Root Reel Red Ant Dream, by Sanjay Kak (120’) Are revolutions possible any more, or have revolutionary dreams been turned into possible nightmares? Armed insurrection brews in Bastar, the very heart of India. Adivasis come forth with their axes and their songs in the beleaguered Niyamgiri hills of Odisha. And in Punjab, hope continues to coagulate around the iconic figure of Bhagat Singh, revolutionary patriot ... Read More »

Cinema : From Literature to Film

City: Mumbai Location: Alliance Française auditorium Date: Mon, 2013/10/28 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening   La Trahison, by Philippe Faucon (80’) War story The Betrayal takes a timely look back to the 1960 Algerian war of independence. The title refers to the divided loyalties that threaten to tear apart a French army unit made up of mutually suspicious European colonizers and Algerian Arabs. A squadron of the French army is led by Lieutenant Roque. Nominally, everyone is French, in practice, however, the four Arabs in the unit, led ... Read More »

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Centre Accessibility

The library offers different categories of membership Students: Students of Alliance Française de Bombay have free access to the library. The fees are: Entrance Full Year Single: Rs. 100/- Rs. 1200/- Couple: Rs.200/- Rs. 2200 Life Member: Rs. 22 000/- Membership Services How many can be borrowed ? What are the durations? Two books from the Easy French section. Two books from the general section. Two magazines from Inside, the ones that are out on display are excluded. Two comics ... Read More »

Media Library

Library Mumbai

Hours Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 1.00 pm  and 2.00 to 5.30 pm Saturday:  10 am to 5.00 pm The French Information Resource Centre of the Alliance Française de Bombay has a mission: “Bringing France closer home“. It serves as the landmark of Information on different aspects of France. Established in a quite cosy space, our resource centre is a network of information resources on subjects such as literature, theatre, poetry, social sciences, tourism, arts,architecture, life style in France. It ... Read More »

Student mobility : Campus France

Campus France Mumbai

The Campusfrance desk has existed since the past 10 years. It is your gateway to higher education in France. Here, we undertake the counseling and the eventual dispatch of the documents as well as the follow up. Each year CampusFrance organizes career forums and exhibitions where colleges, universities and private schools from France present their respective establishments. This is an ideal opportunity for students and parents alike to meet the representatives directly. For more information contact: Mr. Vikash Golla By ... Read More »

City Tour of Mumbai

Visiting Mumbai ? Take a city tour with Alliance Française ! From Theosophy Hall (Alliance française main office) Western Railway Headquarters : bâtiment de style indo-sarrasin de l’époque coloniale; Cinéma Eros : architecture et décors intérieurs Art Déco (années 1920); Immeubles Art Déco de Queen’s Road : Court View, Empress Court, Rajjab Mahal, Palm Court; Traversée des maidan : match de cricket, meetings; Université de Bombay : néo-gothique; Rajabai Tower : néo-gothique vénitien; Haute Cour de Justice : néo-gothique; Vers ... Read More »