FRENCH CINEMA – That Man from Rio / L’homme de Rio

That Man from Rio / L’homme de Rio by Philippe de Broca (92′) Adrien is an army private looking forward to enjoying an eight-day leave: he has come to Paris to visit his girl, Agnès, but arrives just in time to see her being kidnapped by art thieves. What the thugs are after is the last of a trio of ancient South American statues that may hold mystical secrets. Agnès, the daughter of a renowned anthropologist, may just have a lead on the precious tchotchke. ♦Trailer♦ ... Read More »

JUGNEE @ PRITHVI – Les demoiselles de Rochefort / The Young Girls of Rochefort

Les demoiselles de Rochefort / The Young Girls of Rochefort by Jacques Demy (120′) Twins Delphine and Solange, a dance instructor and a music teacher, dream of big-city life. When a fair comes through their quiet port town, so does the possibility of escape. With its pastel paradise of costumes and divine supporting cast (Gene Kelly), “The Young Girls of Rochefort” is a tribute to Hollywood optimism from sixties French cinema’s preeminent dreamer.   ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with Jugnee, Prithvi Theatre & Institut Français Read More »


Landes by François-Xavier Vives (93′) In 1920, when her husband dies, Liena is left alone with vast plantations of pines in Landes, France. She is determined to finish her husband’s work and to provide electricity to all her employees across her lands. But the task is not easy and she faces many obstacles…   ♦Trailer (in French)♦ In partnership with Institut Français   Read More »

JUGNEE | Contemporary Dance Workshop

Jugnee is a Contemporary Dance Festival which aims to be the most well-constructed, holistic and one-of-a-kind event in India giving young emerging and professional dancers a platform to showcase their talent under one roof. In partnership with Laboration Art Company and Terence Lewis Company, AF Bombay is happy to present a contemporary dance workshop for professional and semi-professional dancers, lead by Laura Arend, the French choreographer of YAMA. Rs.500 for non-members & Rs.350 for students and members of AFBombay and Terence Lewis Dance Company Registration ... Read More »

YAMA: Contemporary dance show at NCPA

YAMA Contemporary dance show Yama is a Sanskrit word meaning self-control, austerity, restraint and moral obligation. This piece, inspired by the choreographer Laura Arend’s journey in India, opens with visions of a sombre universe. The dance is constructed as a journey leading towards liberty and the emancipation of the self. Free – Box office with Alliance Francaise de Bombay and NCPA. *Tickets on a first come first served basis* Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA | The poet, scriptwriter & artist Jacques Prévert

Children of Paradise / Les enfants du paradis by Marcel Carné (95′) This film’s existence is somewhat miraculous as it was produced during the Nazi occupation of France and many of the participants were members of the Maquis. Set in the Parisian world of the 1840s, Jacques Prévert’s screenplay is the story of four men in love with the mysterious Garance. Each loves Garance in his own way, but only the intentions of the mime-actor Deburau are entirely honorable. ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with Institut Français Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – In the Name of My Daughter / L’homme qu’on aimait trop

In the Name of My Daughter / L’homme qu’on aimait trop by André Téchiné The film is inspired by the renowned story of a late-seventies murder case in France. Renée Le Roux is the widow of a casino owner in Nice who is struggling to keep the business afloat. Her daughter, Agnès, returns home to ask for her inheritance which is tied up in the casino. There, Agnès gets involved with Maurice Agnelet, an ambitious attorney. When Agnès disappears, Maurice is accused of murder. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership ... Read More »


Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki (94′) Marcel Marx lives in the port city Le Havre. He leads a simple life which revolves around his wife Arletty, his favourite bar and his profession as a shoeshiner. As Arletty falls seriously ill, Marcel’s path crosses with an underage illegal immigrant from Africa. Marcel, his friendly neighbours and the other townspeople help to hide him from the police.   ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with Institut Français & AntiSocial Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – The Secret of Kells / Brendan et le secret de Kells

The Secret of Kells / Brendan et le secret de Kells by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey (75′) Young Brendan lives in the Abbey of Kells, a remote medieval outpost under siege from raiding barbarians. One day a celebrated master illuminator arrives from foreign lands carrying an ancient but unfinished book, brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest…   ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with ... Read More »