BONJOUR INDIA – Times of India Litfest, The Other City & The Next Page

 Times of India Litfest, The Other City & The Next Page The Other City comprises debates, lectures, meetings and encounters with authors, policy makers, innovators, activists and all those bringing fresh perspectives to current ways of thinking about the city. Together, they pave a new path to the Smart City project through an alternate way, i.e. through “The Other City”. Come and follow us on this journey, and become an active part of the cities of tomorrow. Aurélien Bellanger, a ... Read More »


THE EXPERIENCE: A DIGITAL JOURNEY WITH FRANCE Immersive, Multimedia and Interactive Journey For All This immersive journey, the first of its kind in India, celebrates the breadth and depth of the relationship between India and France in a way it has never been told before – from technology to culture, from yesterday to tomorrow. Firmly anchored in a variety of domains, the French links with India are largely unknown and sharply under-estimated. The Experience brings them to the fore, highlighting ... Read More »

BONJOUR INDIA – 10 YEARS 10 FILMS | 9 mois ferme

10 YEARS 10 FILMS Here is an opportunity for Indian audiences to catch up on the best of French cinema of the past decade! 10 Years – 10 Films will showcase one iconic French film of each of the past 10 years in an online festival. Because cinema is still a public affair, three films of the selection will be screened at Theosophy Hall in order to reach a variety of audiences. Indian VOD platform ‘Hotstar’ will showcase the diversity and richness ... Read More »


Mia et le Migou / Mia and the Migoo by Jacques-Rémy Girerd (91′) A young girl’s search for her father in a tropical paradise, threatened by the construction of a gigantic hotel resort. More than a beautifully animated adventure, this movie raises important questions regarding the impact of human action on environment. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with Prithvi Theatre & Institut Français Read More »


Le Pélerinage à l’île de Cynthère / The Embarkation for Cythera by Watteau (1717) La Raie / The Ray by Chardin (1728) Le Verrou / The Lock by Fragonard (1775-1777) The Embarkation for Cythera is an allegorical love story at its finest when The Lock is a true symbol of the libertine spirit of the 18th century. The Ray’s  realism of the different elements of this false still life has forever served as a model to artists. Discover more about ... Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – Good Luck Algeria

Good Luck Algeria by Farid Bentoumi (90′) Sam and Stephane are two friends and associates working together in their workshop designing hand-crafted high-quality skis. To promote their skis, their business being put in jeopardy by the competition from the larger brands, they take a crazy gamble and decide to qualify Sam for the Winter Games in cross-country skiing under the flag of his father’s country, Algeria. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »


The new kid / Le nouveau by Rud Rosenberg (81′) Benoit, the new kid at school, is bullied by a gang of arrogant boys. Determined not to be pushed around, Benoit organizes a big party, but only three students turn up. What if this bunch of losers was to be the best gang ever?   ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with AntiSocial & Institut Français Read More »

BONJOUR INDIA – Paris Ballet Legend

Paris Ballet Legend In an effort to showcase the best of ballet, Bonjour India brings to India an international cast of Principal Dancers, including famous stars of the Paris Ballet Opera, in a tribute to Paris, the city of love and light, where ballet was born four centuries ago under the rule of King Louis XIV. Paris Ballet Legends takes Indian audiences on a journey through iconic classical and contemporary ballet repertoire. Each piece carries the soul of legends – ... Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – Polina, danser sa vie

Polina, danser sa vie by Angelin Preljocaj (108′) Polina is a young Russian ballerina who studies classical ballet. As a young woman she turns to modern dance and choreography and moves to France to pursue her dreams. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »

BONJOUR INDIA – VENEZIA – Le Poème Harmonique

VENEZIA – Le Poème Harmonique Le Poème Harmonique, a leading French baroque ensemble, will come on stage to celebrate the golden age of Baroque, an era when music dissolved borders across Europe. Under artistic director Vincent Dumestre, Venezia recreates the highly entertaining performances of the 17th- and 18th-centuries, when art music and popular forms mingled, and feelings and freedom of language had not yet been held in check by rules and codes. Venezia begins with Monteverdi’s madrigals, as the famous ... Read More »