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Translation Rates

Certified French to English/English to French translation or professional interpretation for companies. Official translations for Visas. Our certified translations are recognized by the Consulate Generale of France in Mumbai. Alliance Française de Bombay offers an amalgam of services in varied domains ranging from cultural, artistic, communication, legal and academic certificates to conference and liaison interpretations in India and abroad.
Translation assignments in technical, commercial, software, websites, and legal fields as well as bio-data, certificates, film scripts and publicity material undertaken by experienced and qualified translators. All documents will be neatly presented in the requested format and delivered as per set schedules.

Rate per 100 words (minimum charges) French/English English/French
Minimum rate per document* Rs. 700 + GST Rs. 700 + GST
General Document Rs. 7/word + GST Rs. 7/word + GST
Technical document Rs. 8/ word + GST Rs. 8/word + GST
Proof reading. Rs. 6/ word + GST Rs. 6/word + GST
Extra copy per certificate Rs. 1200 + GST Rs. 1200 + GST

* Minimum charge: Rs.700 per document (Rs.700 for the first 100 words + GST 18%)

Payment conditions
– All rates are subject to change without prior notice.
– Express rate (two days) according to number of documents – double price
– For documents exceeding 250 words, 50 % of estimated cost must be paid in advance, balance at the end of the assignment.
– The final word count of the translated version of the document would be considered to calculate the final price, which could vary and could be higher than the advance payment.    .
– The client would have to pay the balance payment before collecting the final document.
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Interpretation Rates

Weekdays Saturdays., Sundays & Holidays Outstation
Half day (4 hrs) Rs. 4000 +GST Rs. 6 000 + GST Rs. 8 000 + GST
Full day (7 hrs) Rs. 8 000 + GST Rs. 12 000 + GST Rs. 16 000 + GST
Beyond 7 hrs Rs. 1300/hr + GST Rs. 1 500/hr + GST Rs. 1 700/hr + GST


  • All rates are subject to change without prior notice;
  • 50% of estimated cost to be paid in advance, balance at the end of assignment;
  • Extra charges towards conveyance, lodging, boarding, etc…
  • An estimate will be communicated after the following details regarding the Assignment are provided:
  1. Name of Organisation, Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail and name of contact person;
  2. Type of assignment;
  3. Dates, reporting place and timings
  4. Background documents available

Please contact our translation service at the following address: [email protected]