City: Bombay
Location: Oxford Bookstore
Date: Fri, 2010/05/28 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Price: Free for all
Category: Conference

Stranded on an island, my only book would be ….

Have you ever read a book that you loved so much you can’t forget it? A book that’s always on your mind? Such a good book that you would love to recommend it all? Let’s share together our favorite books, read a passage of a few passage and explain to the group what it has touched you.

Make everyone want to read a good book!

Come and join us for this yearly event to spread the passion of reading.

Registration:[email protected]

A vous de lire!

A vous de lire was initiated this year by Frederic Mitterand, the actual french Minister of Culture and Communication.

For its first edition, A vous de lire aims at promoting and spreading the passion of reading.

During 4 days, from May 27th to 30th, reading will be promoted in France and around the world in unusual places.

Thank to our public and to Oxford Bookstore who hosted us so kindly : A vous de lire was a success!

This the list of the readers and of their reading:

Joseph Martins read Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

Vincent D’souza read Atlas Shrugged by Ann Ryand

Shweta Jadhav read Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adam and recommended A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

An anonymous nice lady read 2 states by Chethan Bhagat

S R Singh talked about Mesuring the Immeasurable

Neha Kamble read Illusions adventures of a reluctant messiah by Richard Bach

Maurice Martinez read The use of the world by Nicolas Bouvier


L’usage du monde/ The use of the world de Nicolas Bouvier is available in French at the Alliance française’s library.