Special Event- Le Mois du Documentaire 50 Years of LoveCity: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Mon, 2012/11/05 – 6:30pm


50 years of love, by Vincent Lauth (26’)

Followed by a meeting and discussion with Vincent Lauth

50 YEARS OF LOVE is an event conceived for the Golden Jubilee of SNEHASADAN, the first Mumbai NGO committed to helping street children.

All through february 2012, 125 street and ex-street children have gathered in Chakala, in a 200 m² studio organized especially for that occasion. Together with the French artists of HYPOTHESE 222 they have created a monumental collective work on the topic duality street/house. The adventure shared between the children and the artists has been filmed in this documentary.


For your information:
From 6th to 12th, Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery

The cubes and collective work of the artists near and around the children’s work will be exhibited at the Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery.



Photography ©Guillaume Destombes