Special Event- Le Mois du Documentaire Film

City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/11/02 – 6:30pm – Wed, 2012/11/28 – 6:30pm


The Mois du Documentaire is a cultural and cinematic event that aims encouraging more people to appreciate this specific genre of cinema the documentary is, and to bring together the public and the directors or actors of the film, to create an exchange between them.


The Alliance Française de Bombay is delighted to be part of this and invites you to discover 5 documentary films about political and social issues in different countries of the world.


If you were born in an Indian village, by Alexis Roman (20′)
50 years of love, by Vincent Lauth (26’)


Matti ke lal, by Elisabeth Leuvrey (19’)


Fragments d’une révolution, anonymous (55’)
Le rideau de sucre, by Camila Guzman Urzua (80′)