City: Bombay
Location: Cercle Littéraire de Bombay
Date: Fri, 2010/03/26 – 5:00pm
Category: Conference

In partnership with Cercle littéraire de Bombay

Between October 2009 and January 2010, a group of students of the Alliance française has taken part in a special workshop “Correspondances”. The aim was to make student familiar with he works of a French writer in order to write him a letter giving an account of their impressions of his books. Mr. Pierre Assouline accepted to support this project and has received the AF students’ collective letter.

This first exchange will be followed by an actual, informal encounter in Bombay during which Pierre Assouline will meet the students who have read and worked on his books.

Cercle littéraire de Bombay, 2nd Floor, Jatia Chambers, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort!