Jean Baptiste Gaubert and Bandish Projekt.jpg
City: Bombay
Location: Open rehersels at vote
Date: Wed, 2010/03/24 – 7:00pm – Sun, 2010/04/25 – 11:00pm
Price: Free
Category: Performance

In partnership with Volte

Jean Baptiste Gaubert is a young French painter known forhis creativity that is both abundant and original. Adapting his art to the requirements of our times, Jean Baptiste, blends 3 art forms to create an impressive and physically powerful ‘happening’. All his work is a performance combining musicpainting-video that is presented live before an audience.The fusion of these 3 mediums results in an impressive showing that unites rhythm, gesture and video, thus initiating a dialogue with the public.For his performance at Volte (24th) and Blue Frog (25th), Jean Baptiste Gaubert will paint along with Mayur Narvekar’s music mix of tabla and electronic rhythms.Mayur Narvekar (Bandish Projekt) will perform a DJ set after their performance. Don’t miss out on this first and unique encounter between two amazing artists