City: Mumbai
Location: Bandra
Date: Sun, 2013/09/22 -9:00am – 12:30pm
Price: Free



Meeting point: Mehboob studio at 9:00am

Bandra visit
Bandra, now home to filmstars and expatriate population was a tiny fishing village when the Portuguese captured it in 1534. The layout and houses in a traditional Bandra hamlet depended on the occupational group that lived in it.-kholis, bhandaris, bhois, In 1991, a few ‘gaothan’ areas were declared Heritage precincts. Bandra was declared a Municipal district in 1876 and primary education was made free and compulsory in 1920. The first railway line through Bandra commenced in 1867. Also famous for Mt. Mary’s Basilica which is a place of pilgrimage, Bandra boasts of the the Rajiv Gandhi sea-link which has made this suburb the most desirable one to own a home in.




3 ½ hour walking/rickshaw tour. Registration: [email protected] or (91-22) 22035993Heritage days  Bandra visit