City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française, Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2010/01/08 – 10:00am – Wed, 2010/01/13 – 12:00pm
Price: Price: Rs. 160 (Rs. 80 for members)
Category: Other


Sat. 8th, 10 am to 12noon


Visit will be in French (another visit in English in February)


Thurs.13th, 9.30 am to 11am.

Education District

Visit will be in English (another visit in French in February)


Price: Rs. 160/ Rs. 80 for members

Registration compulsory and must be made at the Alliance Française office

Minimum number of participants is 12 persons

To register contact: [email protected]

Information about the starting point will be given after registration