Due to unforeseen circumstances, this screening will be postpone to May. 

Ousmane Sow by Béatrice Soulé (26′)
Ousmane Sow, Le soleil en face by Béatrice Soulé (55′)

Ousmane Sow (1935-2016), sculpteur sénégalais, devant une de ses oeuvres, “Le Guerrier debout” (série Masaï). Dakar (Sénégal), 1997.

For more than a year, Béatrice Soulé has been following the creation of “Bataille de Little Big Horn”, the new piece of art of Ousmane Sow. Béatrice Soulé’s remarks show her deep understanding of Ousmane Sow as well as her admiration for his work which allows us to understand the importance of the exhibition of this piece of art in Paris.

With the support of Cinémathèque Afrique of the Institut Français and Fondation Alliance Française