Amrita Sher-Gil, une rapsodie Indienne  by Patrick Cazals (52′)

RapsodieFor the indian people, Amrita Sher-Gil is a legend, a symbol. Born in Budapest in the early years of the Great War, this artist who was behind contemporary Indian painting died in the winter of 1941, at age 28. From Delhi to Bombay, and for all the artists of the Indian Diaspora throughout the world, she remains a legend, a memory.
Her charisma, sometimes compared to that of the Mexican artist Frida Khalo, situated her at
the origins of Indian modernity. Like Nehru (one of her friends),Tagore and Satyiajit Ray,
she provided, in her field, the Indian sub-continent with a part of its modernity. Shot in New Delhi, Bombay, Simla,Budapest and Paris, the film retraces her wide-ranging life using her letters to friends and family. The film describes a commitment to painting and a life in art as legendary as certain Indian movie stars,such as Smita Patil or Raj Kapoor.

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[A look on her work.]