8 column affair700 007  by Altaf Mazid (29′)

Ranju Hazarika is an Assamese popular pulp-fiction writer who has been writing relentlessly since 1970. His themes range from detective and horror stories to social romance and jungle tales. His published works are nearly 700. The film takes the form of film noir of the Hollywood.


The Eight Column Affair by Sriram Raghavan (30′)700 007 Production 4

What happens when a photograph on the front page of a newspaper wants to meet a photograph on the last page? To do this, he most necessarily pass through several pages of the paper. He comes alive and so does the entire newspaper. Meet Robi, a marathon runner on the front page. And Shireen, a tennis champ on the last page… in The Eight Column Affair – a zany love story set in a newspaper.

Jumbled Cans/Aisa Nahi Hua Tha Tahira by Rajula Shah (23′)

Zuber goes to attend a story reading session of his childhood friend, Kamal. Recognizing himself as character in his friend’s story, bothers Zuber and he recounts for wife Tahira the actual incident behind it. Tahira thinks everyone must tell their own story. The binaries of fact/fiction, life/narrative, individual/ collective karma begin to dissolve and merge.


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