being bhajiaanBeing Bhaijaan by Shabani Hassanwalia and Samreen Farooqui (77′)

This is a story of a Salman Khan Look Alike, or as the posters of his dance shows say, Junior Salman of Nagpur. He is ‘hamara Salman’ on the very intense Jai Salman Whatsapp group. Together, with other Salman fans, they’ve launched a combined search for a larger identity, to replace the very ordinary one life handed out to them. Being Bhaijaan explores Indian masculinity, that is disassociated with a changing country, its competitiveness, and its new woman. And find solace in a notion of manhood, constructed brick-by-brick, through a superstar’s perceived personality, which is as old-world as Salman Khan’s films.

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