3 Portraits… Films on Music  India | Bangladesh | Burm

Victor Hugo once said, Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent… With these 3 hand picked films from the vast & unending ocean of music, we hope not only to touch upon the virtuoso sitar player, Pt. Ravi Sharkar but also journey across the map in bringing stories of eclectic diversity, intrinsically woven into the cultural tapestry of the land.

Ravi_ShankarRavi Shankar by Pramod Pati (27′)

From the archives, “Ravi Shankar” is a film portrait of the Sitar Maestro, depicting through a series of interviews and recitals his versatile personality as a well-known classical performer and a creative composer.

Folk Nations by Ehsan Kabir (30′)

Folk Nations, organized by British Council, British Council Bangladesh, is an exciting programme aiming to bring together musicians, creative producers and practitioners from the UK and Bangladesh. The project is connecting musicians and practitioners in order to create a dialogue and provide the space to learn from each other’s culture and musical traditions, foster collaborative working and inspire the creation of new projects.

 Voice over the Bridge by Ernest Hariyanto (24′)MUSIC FILMS

Shwe Shwe Khaing and Khing Zin Shwe have been performing together for many years. A collaboration with contemporary Western musicians, Voice Over The Bridge follows the lives of these two musicians, in an audio-visual documentary of unexplored and remote Myanmar. In Voice Over The Bridge, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing share their lives and passions through their stories and voices.

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