FLOATING LAMP OF THE SHADOW VALLEYFloating Lamp of The Shadow Valley by Rajesh Jala (63′)
In the early 90’s a militant in Kashmir abducted a 12 year old girl, two winters later a boy was born. Today 9 years old his young shoulders are carrying a huge responsibility: his mother and four siblings. Facing challenges that have adults on their knees, he rows as a boat boy on the Dal lake in Kashmir. The threat of an ongoing strife… a threat of stomach… bone chilling winter… getting caught in the crossfire… an abusive and uncaring father… a devastating earthquake… The list is long in this little boy’s short story.23 WINTERS

23 Winters by Rajesh Jala (30′)
“23 Winters”, a film set in reality, played by a real protagonist – Bota , who lives a surreal life. A forced refugee from Kashmir, Bota is schizophrenic. This film glimpses through his traumatic past which haunts his exiled present. Nonetheless, his hopes are unvanquished.

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