STEAM Series : STEAM School

The STEAM Series features two events around project-based creative learning that aims to connect Indian and French open-source innovation and fablab communities.

Following a successful trial run in 2016, STEAM School 2017 gathers 100 participants from various backgrounds at a 10-day fablab at Maker’s Asylum, a space dedicated to co-creation and sharing. Teams comprising engineers, architects, designers, social entrepreneurs will design innovative solutions to the urban challenges defined by UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Assembling solutions through rapid prototyping, participants will test them at Makers’ Asylum facilities while being mentored by Indian and French experts.

The second event, a four-day Fabrikarium hackathon, combines a workshop and a competition to bring out best practices and initiatives in the field of disability. Organised by My Human Kit, France and Maker’s Asylum, India, this unique collaboration gathers participants to design solutions for the challenges posed by handicap and disability, such as open-source prostheses.

For more information please visit the official website of Bonjour India.

Created with Maker’s Asylum in partnership with Institut Français en Inde,  CRI Paris, Institut Mines Telecom, EM Lyon Business School, UNESCO