Un monde sans humains? / A World Beyond Humans? by Philippe Borrel (52′)

A World beyond humans Borrel

Machines have become omnipresent, but is improving our lives their only objective? Despite being invented by thinking humans, technology is advancing faster than we could have ever predicted. From robot apps to nanotechnologies, this film gives an insight into the potential excesses of technoscience and questions where exactly man stand in this race for progress!

The screening will be followed by a conversation with the film director Philippe Borrel.

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Philippe Borrel is a French film maker, working mostly on documentaries for ARTE and France Television. His films deal mainly with global and western social’ issues such as environment, speed of change and life, food and agriculture… After producing A World beyond humans  in 2012 about the impact of technology on our lives, his last movie The Invisible (R)evolutions (2014) deals with the urgency to slowdown in a world which is going faster and faster…

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